10 Ways To Instantly Boost Your Business Success

Entrepreneurship can be the most exhilarating and exhausting thing you can do. Running an uber successful marketing department can be equally as challenging without some of these strategies. What we have created in this checklist of sorts with some economical, super effective ways to grow your business

1)  Focus on your existing clients!

So many entrepreneurs and business executives get caught up in the allure of chasing new prospects instead of focusing on existing clients. The reality is there is a huge untapped goldmine for growth opportunities within your current contacts. Think about what our numbers would look like if each of your existing clients referred you to one new person. Exciting? How about three? We have the tools at Sigma Promotions Inc. to strengthen those relationships and can help you map out a plan for explosive growth in this area.

2) Express appreciation for current clients!

Statistics tell us that 68% of clients will leave you and work with the competition and it has nothing to do with price! You hustled your butt off, you provided awesome service, and product, delivered on time, on budget and even solved their problem but they still slip away! Why? We’re told that they leave to work with the competition if they feel you don’t appreciate their business! If you’re earning $100,000 could you afford to have $68,000 slip away?  What about the consequences if you run a million dollar company or department? You may be thinking, well wait a minute we grow every year so we’re exempt from this! But are you? How many new clients are you hustling for? What are retention rates really like? At Sigma Promotions Inc. we can help you design a surprise and delight program to not only keep your existing clients but turn them into raving fans and tell their best contacts about you!

3) Check the pulse to course correct

How often have you been approached by a service provider six months after your purchase to see how you’re enjoying the car, tv, or coaching? Stand out by checking in with a formal survey (but make it fun!!! We can help!) or informally by phone. Checking in will do two important things: one it will give your clients an opportunity to share any frustrations so you can course correct to make things right or it will reinforce how awesome a job you’re doing and two- set the stage to graciously ask for a referral. But, what to ask? How to ask? Reach out to us, we’re here for you! By the way, as an added bonus to referrals and standing out by showing you care, very often these calls result in repeat orders and new opportunities, so don’t miss out on this one!

4) Get the right kind of attention

Ad Agencies will charge you a small fortune to do what we do with our niche marketing programs. Our strategic door openers have helped other businesses see insanely successful response rates! One of our car dealerships spent under $5000 to target just 12 ideal prospects and saw a return of 1.4 million in sales within just 6 months! We’re so confident our creative ideas and strategies will boost your sales that we won’t even charge you for the program unless it generates the results that get you fired up! *Ask us for more details

5) Transform your tradeshows into money making machines!

How are your current tradeshows working out for increased business and ROI? Have you measured the return? How profitable are they for you and your company? Does your sales team have a specific plan to connect with the right prospects, engage on a deeper level and a killer follow up strategy? If not, we would love to work with you and your team so instead of leaving your next show (and huge investment on the table), you leave with lined wallets and a plan to generate exponential growth from your new contacts. Decision makers still show up at tradeshows ready to buy, are you ready to serve?

6) Get B2B (Belly to Belly) more often

We live and work in a digitally crazed world and although we all have more “connections”, there’s a huge gap and opportunity for you to stand out by getting face to face with your prospects. People crave connection now more than any other time in history. Do you know how to leverage the 5 simple ways to connect faster and build stronger relationships? Reach out to uncover how to instantly become a magnetic person and have deeper meaningful conversations for increased sales! Your bottom line will thank you!

7)  Recognize and reward referrals

People love praise! You do, I do, everyone does! There’s something inherently special about being recognized. Honouring, appreciating and updating your referral sources will instantly increase your level of professionalism and generate even more referrals! The best leads are warm leads so take great care of the source! Do you have a plan in place for recognition in this area? Do you buy wine or gift cards ad hoc or do you have carefully selected gifts ready to roll out in an efficient manor? We love putting special gift programs together for clients that make you look like a rockstar! Ask us about it!

8)  Give first!

We all know takers in our personal and professional lives. They don’t exactly draw us in. In fact they drain us! Boost your appeal and magnetic factor and go out of your way to help others grow their business! Zig Ziglar always said “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want”. What are you doing to give first and pull people in to want to do business with you? Need ideas? We’ve got em! Call us.

9)  Master networking skills

Whether you love networking events, tolerate them or would rather put a fork in your eye than mingle in a room full of strangers, you can turn in to a networking ninja! Most people get so hung up on what their perfect pitch will sound like that they forget to focus on others with probing questions. This literally takes the pressure off so you can enjoy the experience! And forget making 30 contacts, focus on one or two genuine connections for the highest quality leads. Lastly, leave networking events with contracts without ever having to pitch a thing!! Seriously! We would love to share the secret to it! Call us!

10)  Set goals, crush, repeat

Don’t give stuff simply to give stuff! Promotional items can be one of the most effective ways for you to grow your business as long as you’re strategic. When promo doesn’t match mindful intentions and the right audience, we simply have trinkets and trash. When quality products, ideal prospect and a strategic plan are aligned…look out! We call this promotional items on steroids! Have big plans for the coming months?  Have big dreams and goals to grow your business? We’re confident we have the formula to accelerate your success!

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