2022 in Review

As we get ready for the holidays and prepare for the brand-new year, it can be a good time to look back on the year and reflect on some of the great things that have been accomplished!  On that note, I thought I would share the top five product categories from the past year!

  1. Apparel: This product category had by far the greatest number of orders this year! Apparel is one of my favorite categories of swag due to the high perceived value from recipients and longevity of use. Apparel encompasses everything from hats, to buffs to t-shirts to jackets, meaning we can usually find something for everyone no matter the budget. Event T-shirts and buffs are particularly popular in the non-profit space, and our corporate clients used apparel like hoodies, jackets and accessories to appreciate their teams and engage employees!
  2. Stationary: Boy, I love myself a good journal! But stationary doesn’t mean just journals – it also includes useful items like pens, rulers, binders, mouse pads and other office supplies! These have really taken off this year since seeing many clients return to work and wanting to offer useful items for them to have at their desks. We also saw an increase in orders for stationary as external gifts for clients or donors at in person events and tradeshows which returned in full force this year!
  3. Drinkware: It’s no surprise this category comes in at a close number three! Drinkware includes products like travel tumblers, can insulators, coasters, water bottles and mugs! Drinkware is another product category that has a high perceived value, and high level of utility for recipients. Drawing on retail trends from brands like Starbucks and Stanley, drinkware pieces were a continued hit this year, creating beautiful pieces that created lasting impression.
  4. Bags: Bags were one of the higher categories this year, I think in part due to the utility and increase in hybrid working – when traveling back and forth from the office, backpacks and tote bags are a must! As such, bags have been a great item our clients have used both internally for staff appreciation, like branded backpacks and duffels, as well as for external client gifts like luggage and fanny packs. They are also a great item for event giveaways and tradeshows, like branded tote bags with not just client logos but sponsors, brand messaging, etc. We’ve also seen an increase in sustainability with bags, like having the material be made from recycled cottons and plastic! 
  5. Signage: The fifth category we saw our clients ordering this year was signage! This is in large part as a result of the return of tradeshows and in person events. This category includes products like branded table covers, backdrops, pull up banners and outdoor feather flags. Having refreshed branding signage can go a long way in attracting new prospects at events!


Thank you to all of our clients who have made 2022 an incredible year for us at Sigma, and we look forward to another amazing year in 2023!

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