Helpful Tips for Planning Your Promotional Product Needs in 2024

Can you feel it? The freshness and excitement that comes every January at the start of a new year? There certainly is something lovely about the feeling of starting anew – new projects, goals and initiatives for a brand new calendar year. We love working with our clients this time of year to connect on how we can best support YOU and help your 2024 goals and targets come to fruition.

How do we do that?

Well, the first thing would be to schedule a call or meeting with your dedicated awesome Sigma rep to discuss the goals, events and initiatives you have for the coming year. Our intention in these meetings is to provide you with a higher level of service by learning the specific needs and challenges you may have in your organization. That way we can assess and share the most creative concepts and cost savings!

Here are a few things you can consider and expect to chat more about when we meet in one of these sessions.

What is your organization’s primary focus? And does this differ from your departments primary focus? We love to ask this question because it gives us a good idea of the key objectives and trajectory for your organization. Whether your key objective is developing and growing your team, or client retention, we would likely suggest different strategies and products depending on that main focus! For example, if new client acquisition is a focus, that would be incredibly helpful for us to know in order to suggest what, in our experience, works best for that type of objective. Also, it’s totally okay if you DON’T know the main priority and objective – these can be great sessions for you to gain clarity for 2024 in your organization.

What specific events or projects do you have on the calendar? Think tradeshows / conferences, client events, product launches, anniversary celebrations and holiday parties. This is a great opportunity for us to learn about the specific projects we can help support you with using some great promo and swag ideas. When we can get a big picture of the events you have for the whole year, we can take a look at placing bulk orders overseas for larger discounts OR get really granular and tailored ideas specific to each project to make a memorable experience and lasting brand impression.

Products & Services to Promote in 2024

What product or service do you wish got more buzz with your clients? I love to ask this question because this can be a great way for us to help you get traction or attention on something you want to promote! We are a promotional company after all! Not only can we help choose products that might align well to support your product/service, but we can also help tie in promotional products with taglines and clever wording to draw attention to something you are looking to highlight or gain more traction with in 2024.

The Most Important Factors

What’s most important when working with a promotional products company and marketing strategist like us? This is my favourite question of all because it’s the part of the meeting I get to sit back and absorb all of the ways that I can serve my clients best and ultimately create the most effective relationship. We understand that there are a lot of important things when it comes to choosing to work with a promotional products supplier, but when we are able to hear the most important factors, we can really ensure we are serving you at the highest level we can!

These are just a few of many questions we would chat with you about in a 2024 strategy session! Book a call or meeting with us today so we can start 2024 on an awesome note!

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Lisa Evenden
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