3 Ways to Incorporate SOAP into your next Promotion!

That’s right folks, you read that right, SOAP! I’m loving these new made in Canada, natural, vegan, handmade soaps, that are not tested on animals, and made with essential oils! But you might be thinking, how the heck do I use soap for my next marketing campaign or event? Well, let me outline a few ways here that you can use these beautiful soap bars to increase your brand awareness in a fun and effective way!

  1. As a Giveaway: Because soap is such a unique item, it will stand out from the other typical event giveaways like pins, pens, or notepads! They’ll be drawn in by the lovely scents that the soap has to offer and create that positive connection with your brand. Add a muslin bag for the soaps for an extra touch when giving out!
  2. As a gift with purchase incentive: Elevate the experience of a purchase with a free gift of lovely handmade soaps, whether it’s just one, or a set of soaps. Perfect for in store purchases, but also as a great way to incentivize signing up for a new subscription or membership.
  3. As a Gift: Whether it is for your team internally, or clients externally, use soaps to reward with a deluxe box set, wrapped in Plantable seed paper. You’re providing a practical gift that also provides the opportunity for recipients to plant the seed paper and have wildflowers grow! Combine with other wellness themed items for a total relaxation and wellness package!

Some of the benefits of these new soaps that we can offer are:

-Not tested on animals
-Palm oil free
-Made with natural, vegan ingredients
-Wrapped in zero waste seed paper that grows
-Made with essential oils (no synthetics)
-Handmade in small batches
-Made in Canada (Winnipeg, MB)

So, if you’re looking to change up your promo game with a unique new item, reach out to us so we can get you the perfect soap selection for your next project! 

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