5 Reasons Why Planning Early is Imperative

This is old news to everyone, but it has to be said, there are major supply chain issues disrupting retail and also wholesale.  Now, more than ever it’s critical to plan for success this holiday season.

Here are a few reasons why it will save you time, money and undue stress:

You’re able to be more creative

Client appreciation gifts should be fun, refined and an expression of your brand. People can tell the difference between carefully curated and thoughtful gifts and baskets grabbed last minute from the retail giants. The holidays are an awesome time to display your brand in a funky or discreet way and have a little fun!

One of our favourite items is the ever practical (and North-American-Made) tea towel! Check out the design we used last year during COVID.

You have options if there are stock issues

There’s nothing more disappointing than landing on the “perfect” gift, getting buy-in from the powers that be, only to find out that someone has swept in and cleared out all the inventory for their holiday gift or promotion. This is the reality of our industry right now and while we check inventory levels on a regular basis, it’s happening more often. That being said, the earlier we can plan, the better quality solution we can have as a backup plan, so you and your brand still shine!

You’ll save a ton of money!

By pre-planning, you have the flexibility to send gifts by Canada Post vs. overnight courier or paying staff or a driver to hand deliver gifts. Courier costs can be a necessary evil and sometimes alarming when things are left to the last minute and it’s avoidable with a little planning.

Let’s put the savings into perspective.  I was once referred to a new client who held an annual conference.  I was given their name and contact information just a couple of weeks before their event.  They chose water bottles among other linked products to give to their show delegates.  The client actually paid $4000.00 to airfreight bottles from the factory to their show because of the tight deadline!! The pricing of the bottles was less than the courier itself. Now imagine if a little time had been set aside a few months prior to the conference to iron out the product details. (Just one of the reasons we always recommend a yearly planning session which you can book here: admin@sigmapromotions.com

to speak with one of our fabulous reps about how they can go to work being your eyes and ears and setting you up for success in 2022)!

You’ll save hundreds if not thousands in freight and logistics with a little pre-planning, so the earlier the better! Think tea towel in an envelope for $4 vs. $15 by courier 😉

Make an Impression

When your clients are receiving a steady stream of baskets during the holiday season, you can stand out with creative packaging, wrapping, branding, and arriving earlier than anyone else!  We typically order our Christmas gifts in October and kit them in November so they leave during the last week of November and arrive early December. Better late than never, however, better creative, early, and impactful to represent your quality brand!

You’ll avoid undue stress!

The holidays can be stressful enough! Leave the searching and inventory confirmations to the Sigma Squad! They love what they do and can help find the perfect gifts to thank your team members and clients. We ship right across the country to individual addresses and will manage each piece of the puzzle so you can focus on the tasks that matter most to help you reach your goals.

We’re here and happy to help should you have any questions or would like to discuss gifts this holiday season!

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