5 Tips to Bring The Best Out of Your Next Tradeshow Event

I just had the absolute pleasure of attending an in-person tradeshow a few weeks ago, and I loved it! Seeing people face to face again really is my jam – I love being able to connect with people in real life! While I was there it got me thinking about some of the things that will help to make your tradeshow experience as an exhibitor a success! I’ve included some of my top tips for tradeshows here and hope it will help you and your team the next time you’re exhibiting at an in-person tradeshow or event!

5 Tips for Tradeshows

Tip 1: Wear branded apparel! 

Having your team wear something branded with your logo can really elevate your booth look and attendees will know who you’re representing even when you are away from your booth! You don’t all have to have the same apparel piece on either! As long as the branding is consistent it gives your people a unified and cohesive look.

Tip 2: Set intentions to connect with others

Be present and go into the event with the intention to connect. One of the most off-putting things I see when I am at tradeshows is when the exhibitors are totally checked out and not engaging with attendees. When you are standing and looking out onto the floor, you become so much more approachable and it will draw people in to speak with you. I know it can be tempting to pull out the laptop or phone and catch up on emails, but I would discourage that at your booth, as it can discourage attendees from engaging with you. If you do have to check your computer or phone, I always recommend stepping away from the booth.

Tip 3: Engage Attendees with games

Have something to engage with attendees. Whether it be something like a prize wheel, raffle, or Plinko board (our fave). Have something at your booth that naturally attracts people in. It makes for a great ice breaker and way for you to begin the conversation with attendees – because sometimes just starting the conversation can be the hardest part. Raffles also offer an opportunity for you to capture lead information, and games and contests provide more branding opportunities! You could even do something fun like a photo booth face cutout for added brand exposure that doubles as fun content for social media!

Tip 4: Bring fun and creative giveaways and gifts

This is our absolute sweet spot, so let us help you plan out your next tradeshow or event gifts and giveaways! Whether you have a specific theme for your event swag, or simply need everything to be super on brand, your swag can really make a difference and also draws people into your booth! We also recommend a tiered approach for tradeshow giveaways – reach out to us for more info!

Tip 5: Have Fun!

Have fun! Positivity and energy is contagious, and when you are having a good time, attendees and even other exhibitors are drawn to that. Remember that you are there to make connections with people and be a positive representative of your company. A positive attitude and smiling face goes a long way. Take this as a wonderful opportunity to get out of the office and have fun connecting with new people – it will make all the difference and will make a fun memorable day for you and your connections!

I hope this has been a helpful article in getting you excited and prepped for your next tradeshow! For information on tradeshow signage, games and other attendee engagement ideas, apparel and swag, please reach out to us. We’re always here and happy to help!  

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Lisa Evenden
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