A case for personal development for increased profits and productivity!

Many of you may already be familiar with personal development and follow positive influencers online. You may have attended conferences and workshops on goal setting, vision boards or have heard podcast hosts interview super successful individuals. Some of you may be like I was ten years ago and had no clue that this world existed!

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A personal development company in disguise

At Sigma Promotions, we’re pretty passionate about personal development and as a result Growth is one of our core values. We often joke that Sigma Promotions is a personal development company disguised as a marketing and branding organization. It’s in our DNA and trickles into everything we do because I’ve seen the profound effects that self improvement had on my life and also on the lives of my team members.

I recognized the deep impact that providing my team members with an opportunity to grow outside of their professional tasks literally changed lives when one of my team members said, “I walked through these doors with zero self-confidence, and now I know I can do anything.” Well didn’t I ball like a little baby and realize that, as a leader, I had the opportunity to serve my team at a much higher level.

My priorities shifted from “let’s be the leading company in sales” to “let’s create a culture where people love working together, where team members build on their self confidence to become leaders themselves and as a result, we will dominate in our field because happier human beings will be serving our clients!” Voila! And so, the commitment began and personal development has been woven in to our culture ever since!

Success leaves clues!

Here’s what I’ve learned; success leaves clues!

Follow the patterns, strategies and behaviours of top performers and you will become one yourself. You’ll save a ton of time and money by learning from others’ mistakes and use their tools and strategies rather than investing in recreating your own. You and your team will have a stronger sense of purpose and, most of all, everyone will feel more confident and excited about life – including you!

Don't let these hold you back!

What holds most leaders back from investing in personal development for their team? Perhaps they’ve been exposed to “woo woo” style self improvement or “The Secret” turned them off and they’re skeptical that it’s all a bunch of bunk. They may think that it’s too much of an investment or that they’re not “RAH RAH” types that get up and dance at seminars.  

Rest-assured that there is a wealth of resources and leaders in this space who are very strategic and tactical who will align with your brand and will resonate with you and your team. You can absolutely invest in sending your team members to workshops and seminars or you can dip your toes in the water and grab free resources from us.

Get Your Copy!

Email me (nikki@sigmapromotions.com) and I’ll send you some great content and questions to get you started! Once you see the results come back ten-fold, you’ll be chomping at the bit for more – promise!

Why does this matter?

Here’s why it matters: your team (especially millennials) are looking to work for organizations that provide personal and professional growth opportunities. People want a higher sense of purpose and contribution. They want to learn self-mastery so they can build confidence. If you can provide this platform AND it positively impacts the bottom line, well that’s just a win-win right there!

Hard results from improved soft skills

For those of you who may think that this is “soft stuff” let me assure you that hard results come from investing in your team’s growth. On our team we’ve had people stop smoking immediately after reading “The 5 Second Rule” by Mel Robbins (check out her TedTalk which is life changing). We’ve had team members commit to a full month of daily positive podcasts and double her sales! We’ve had team members drop two jean sizes and another member lose 15lbs during quarantine and they attribute that to their commitment to personal development and self-improvement.

Gift your team with a self-improvement journey

The results speak for themselves! If you’ve never tried, I’d invite you to reach out for those resources at my email above. I’d be thrilled to help get you started on this transformational journey!

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