All About Apparel Decoration Options & Their Unique Benefits

Through this past year we have noticed a large increase in the amount of apparel our clients are purchasing for their team and clients. Apparel is a wonderful item to give as a gift. It gives your team company apparel to wear on Zoom calls and clients can show it off to their connections on their next virtual call. 

Apparel is also one of the longest kept promotional products, therefore leaving one of the greatest numbers of brand impressions. If you do decide you want apparel as a part of your next promotion, consider the decoration technique you are going to use on the garment. There are many different decoration techniques that are available on apparel for branding your logo that we want to share with you here!


Embroidery offers thread colors to match any logo and has that classic look. Priced by stitch count, not by colour, this makes a great solution for logos that have multiple colours.  This is a popular choice for standard areas like left/right chest, left/right bicep decoration or back collar. We don’t usually recommend embroidering an area larger than 4” x 4” as it becomes heavy and could bunch up the fabric.


Screen Printing:

The most cost-effective form of decoration for apparel items like T-shirts, this method is great as it can be done relatively inexpensively and imprints a good amount of detail in a logo. Typically, we recommend just a one or two colour imprint with screen printing, though we can do more depending on the logo.


Heat transfers provide superior clarity and precision and provide a solution that allows your garment to be printed with full colour logos including gradients. You can also access locations that can’t be reached with an embroidery hoop and is a good alternative to embroidery for thin garment materials.


Endless colour possibilities with only one setup cost. The artwork is fused into the fabric, so you get the most breathable and comfortable garment possible. Large maximum imprint dimensions and unique location. Want your logo wrapped around the hip? On a sleeve? On the pocket? You got it.



Applicable on virtually any location, laser produces a permanent tone-on-tone look that’s great for technical fabrics. This is a topical application that can be placed over seams and zippers, has a smooth finish with a glossy look, and is best for mid-range colours (colours that are not too dark or too light). The unlimited washability makes this option a win!



Ideal for waterproof and other technical fabrics, deboss uses a die that’s heat-pressed into the material, creating a striking 3D appearance. Applicable on virtually any location on the garment, debossing provides a subtle tone-on-tone look with unlimited washability. Works equally well on all material colours and logos with a high degree of detail. Though keep in mind, this method only works on polyester fabrics.



HXD is a unique branding method that creates a subtle pop from the product surface to give your logo a whole new dimension. If you’re looking for what’s trendy, this is it. With HXD, you can choose a standard finish, a metallic finish or even a combination of the two. Some logos present challenges, like small icons with tight spacing or thick lettering. Minimal thickness and sufficient spacing are essential for a freestanding reproduction of small elements. If a solution can’t be achieved by upsizing or subtle modification, we can mount the logo in one of three ways: contouring it, defining it or cresting it. This decoration technique is sure to make your brand POP!


If you’re looking to spice up your next apparel order, consider the decoration technique, not just the product!

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Lisa Karjala
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