April Showers, May Flowers

Hello Spring!!

There is something special about the spring each year isn’t there? The thawing of the snow, and prospect of new growth and fresh beginnings. While it’s often a rainy time of the year, I welcome it in place of the chilly snow that’s been flying in the prior months. While I do welcome the rain after a long season of ice and snow, I do love a good umbrella. Umbrellas are really a wonderful promotional item to use for your next gift or giveaways. Umbrellas come in handy as a backup to have hanging out in the trunk for those unexpected storms; for taking the dog for a walk; and especially handy on the golf course, rain or shine! I wanted to share a few new umbrella styles with you this year if this is something you might consider for your next branded gift! 

The Inversion

Okay, so if ya’ll haven’t seen one of these before, reach out to us and get us to send you a sample, you will not be able to resist once you have used it! This umbrella fold upwards and inwards to itself after use, designed so that the water falls away from you, avoiding all of that mess getting on you! With a variety of interior canopy colours, this umbrella is sure to put a smile on the face of its recipient! 

The Rebel Eco Umbrella

GO GREEN! The Rebel RPET is eco-friendly, featuring a 48″ arc on a canopy manufactured from 9 recycled plastic bottles, steel frame and fiberglass ribs, as well as a bamboo handle. And, in addition to being made from recycled and sustainable products, this umbrella is also part of our give back initiative. With every RPET product you buy, we will donate 1% to rainforest conservation. Brand great products and do great things!

The Classic Golf 

With a fiberglass shaft and double layer wind resistant 60” arc canopy this umbrella has got you covered, whether that’d be shade on a sunny day on the course, or in a rain storm creeping in on hole 18. It’s a classic for a reason – tried and true, let this be the next item you give away at your next tournament or function! 

The Bugatti Gran Turismo

The umbrella is small but mighty. Backed by quality, this Bugatti umbrella folds down compactly, perfect for the executive to keep in their bag or car. Comfortable automatic one-touch open & close mechanism make this folding pocket umbrella super easy to use. It’s lightweight black metal frame with high built quality will make your brand the talk of the town. Comfortable ergonomic grip handle with bugatti engraving. Use this umbrella proudly and align your organization with the quality and name that people love and trust in Bugatti. 

While we do want to take cover from the rain ourselves, the beautiful spring plants love soaking it in. The beautiful thing about the rain is it helps some of our most favorite spring flowers like Smooth Blue Aster, Showy Goldenrod, Black-Eyed Susan and Yellow Coneflower. The wonderful thing about that, is those are some of the exact seeds that are present in our Canadian made, native species wildflower seed paper! Seed paper is another one of my favourite promotional materials, and not just for the spring, but especially in the spring!  Seed paper is such a versatile and great item because it can replace paper in almost all scenarios, as well as accommodate full colour graphics to communicate the message you want to share with the world. From kits, like pizza (with tomato, pepper, and basil seeds) or simple seed paper coasters, think about a seed paper item for your next promotion! 

And last, but not least, I think my favourite thing about the spring it’s the promise of the warm summer months, hanging outside with friends, going camping and hiking, hitting the beach or just chilling in a hammock. We’re almost there! For any of the ideas you read about, reach out to us here and one of our superstars would be happy to help!  I think my favorite part of the spring has to be seeing the new flowers and plants poking up out of the ground, and watching them bloom into beautiful, bright green flowers, that fill the air with their sweet scent and bumble bees.

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