The Art of Appreciation

In an increasingly digital world with impersonal online shopping and blink and they’re gone fads, appreciation seems to be a dying art.

Taking the back to basics approach to customer appreciation can help your brand stand out and establish your company as a good one to do business with. 

“People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel.”– Maya Angelou

What is customer appreciation?

Appreciation is key in any relationship.  Appreciating someone makes them feel good about who they are and what they do.  Customers are no different.  Express gratitude to your customers, make them feel seen, heard and valued.  Not only does appreciation make people happy, it can have a monumental impact in their practice.  When we feel good, we often are encouraged to approach plans with more vigor.  Customer appreciation is not only how we retain our base, but strengthen those relationships and organically turning them into raving fans.    

When it comes to customer appreciation, sincerity outdoes gimmicks. Customer appreciation initiatives that are driven by a genuine desire to please your customers can be very successful. Real appreciation stems from a feeling that we truly care for our customers. It’s a sign of genuine gratitude for their business.

No matter what your budget or your time constraints, there are creative, enjoyable ways to appreciate your customers every day.

Send a handwritten note

In our days of texting and DM’s, we tend to only send handwritten notes for serious milestones.  Considering that email is the primary way that companies connect with customers, it’s not the most meaningful way to send a thank you.  Bust out your cute, branded, blank cards and write a thoughtful thank you.  Make sure to be specific and candid about what they mean to you and your company.  The joy someone feels when they receive happy mail is as tangible as the paper in their hand. 

Honour a customer’s specific holiday.

Try to customize your holiday gifts or cards to relate to customers who may not celebrate Christmas. Paying attention to holidays specific to your customer’s background and culture signals that you have made an effort to get to know them for more than their next order. Your customers will appreciate being treated in a non-generic manner, especially when it comes to the expression of sincere appreciation.

Give the gift of knowledge as sign of a customer appreciation.

You can tap into the world’s need to consume information by sharing your expertise to help your customers. Whether through newsletters, blogs, webinars, social media posts or articles, consider giving the gift of your knowledge with no expectation of return. This mind generosity may be one of the ultimate gifts of appreciation you can give to your community of past and present customers.

Shine a light on a customer through social media

If it isn’t on Facebook, did it even happen?  Chances are, most of your customers are on at least one social platform. Consider posting as a gesture of appreciation. This allows both your and their audiences to know just how much they mean to you while learning more about your customer’s services. 

Expressing your appreciation can also help you show how much you value your social media advocates. 

Give back to causes close to customers or adopt an initiative they adore

Doing some good in the world is a gift to customers who want to buy your products and services, and they’ll appreciate knowing how far you’ll go to make sure it counts. If your customer is big on going green, consider an eco-conscious appreciation gift. 

When you show customers your appreciation, you build positive momentum that will carry you both forward.

Prioritizing customer appreciation is the right thing to do, but it also sparks a positive spiral that can uplift every aspect of your business. Feeling and expressing gratitude has psychological benefits for team members and contributes to an uplifting work environment where people come first.

For more effective appreciation ideas and campaigns, feel free to reach out to our team. We are looking forward to serving you with gratitude! 

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