Back To School

Even though the sun and temperature are PEAK for summer right now, it is time to start thinking about… BACK TO SCHOOL! I know it seems like just yesterday we were all celebrating the end of the school year, but alas, we must start thinking about returning once again. Whether you are a school, educator, company, or nonprofit, back to school can be a great time to provide much needed swag to students, and help to ease some of that back-to-school shopping pressure on parents. I thought I would share a few of my favourite back to school picks that we can help you use to get your brand messaging out there!

Apparel is a great item to consider for your back-to-school promotions, and the Champion brand is still all the rage! Wow staff and students with Champion hoodies or tees, a perfect item to showcase your brand. The Power Blend Champion Hoodie is one of my faves, with deep inventory and a plethora of colours, this item is a great one to consider for a back-to-school apparel piece.

Stationery is a key part of back-to-school shopping, and is definitely a great category to look at when you are looking for back-to-school branded swag. I love the option to provide pencil cases, a great item for staff, students and parents alike, to help keep everyone’s supplies organized yearlong with your branding at the forefront. It also doubles as an accessory pouch for students who are already set for the year with a pencil case. And of course, branded notebooks and journals are an absolute staple item when heading back –to school that recipients can use all year long, whether for journaling, note taking, or general doodling!

Another category I love for back to school is backpacks! From drawstring bags, to high end travel backpacks, we are sure to have the right option for you! Drawstring bags can be great for gym bags, sports bags, or even as a carrier for an extra pair of shoes or boots! Classic backpacks can be used for everyday use to card school books back and forth, and then we also have sturdier high-tech bags that recipients can use year after year! The Savannah backpack is one of my personal faves!

The other two things I wanted to mention for great back-to-school ideas are lunch bags and  water bottles. I love this non-woven cooler bag as a great, inexpensive lunch option, the Etna lunch bag as a perfect mid-range bag, or the Urban Peak Waterproof cooler, for the top of the tier lunch bag option! And a few of my personal faves for back to school water bottles would be the Trendsetter (what student doesn’t want to be a trend setter!) which comes with a stunning matte black body and gold, copper or silver accents, with vacuum insulation to keep your beverage hot or cold for hours! The Trail Water Bottle is another star performer with double wall insulation, options in 4 colours, and a classy powder coated finish! And of course, the Thor Tritan Sport Bottle, is a great price point piece with a great bang for your buck with a metal loop lid, wide opening for ice cubes, and a durable Tritan body!  

Whether you have someone starting preschool, high school, or college, back-to-school is a great time to incorporate branded products into your marketing and gifting efforts! Contact us today to help make your back to school memorable!

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