The Best Can Coolers for Refreshing Summer Promotions

With May 2-4 weekend as the unofficial launch of summer, I thought I would be a great time to chat about one of my fave summer swag items. What’s better than enjoying a fresh, cold one on the deck on a hot sunny summer’s day? Not much in my books! But I can tell you what doesn’t rock – taking a big ol’ swig after a few minutes in the sun and getting a mouthful of warm bevvy – yuck! That’s why I wanted to write a blog about Can Coolers – which these days really extend beyond the regular cans and encompasses a wide range of products we have available, all totally customizable for your logo and branding!

When I think of can cooler, I think of the classic fabric or foam options. These are great pieces for summer giveaways, because they have great branding potential, and don’t break the bank! This style is one of our most popular styles. It is our most economical full colour can cooler making it a great option for multi-colour logos, custom colours, and full colour custom designs. Also a great option if you have a bunch of golf sponsors and you want to incorporate all the sponsor logos onto one item! I think my personal favourite of the basic options is the original can cooler – the beverage insulator that started it all! Made with a thick foam, this is an economical option that will keep drinks cooler for longer. Available in 12 colour options, there is sure to be one that goes great for your next summer event! 

These can coolers have a little extra something-something for you – and that is that they are more than just a can cooler! These metal double walled coolers have multiple uses. This first one is a winner, as a single self-contained unit that transitions between a poured drink insulated tumbler (good for hot, AND cold), a 12 oz can cooler, 12 oz slim can cooler, and even 12 oz bottle cooler! Now that’s some bang for your buck, and surely no one who received this wouldn’t be able to find a use for it! We also have this classic looking cooler, that still works threefold as a tumbler, bottle cooler and can cooler and is available in 6 different colour ways and can take full colour imprinting or laser engraving! 

The Brands

Want to take your summer event gift up a notch? Maybe incorporate a retail brand into the mix for added value? We got you covered with brand name can coolers! One great brand of can coolers we have is the Columbia Slim Can Cooler, great for any camping events, or outdoor themed gifts you would like, as Columbia is certainly well known and appreciated by that crowd. But mainly, I wanted to talk about the Frost Buddy brand, which a very popular brand especially in the US. With its fun retail inspired colours and patterns, like this one, or this one, this could be a great piece to help you and your brand stand out. The world’s first universal can cooler, it is designed to insulate nearly all 12oz and 16oz cans and bottles (over 500+ drinks)! This would be a great premium incentive or gift during these hot summer months!

Can Coolers certainly are a great option to consider for any summer events you have on the horizon. And keep in mind, these certainly are not specific to alcohol – they are perfects for your pop cans and other beverages you may want to keep cool on a hot summer’s day, these aren’t exclusive to beer!! We have so many different products, options and materials, if there is something you are looking for that you don’t see here, be sure to reach out, and I am sure we can help!

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Lisa Evenden
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