Elevate Holiday Promotions with Custom Christmas Tree Ornaments

I’ve written many blogs about my favourite holiday gifts, and this year I wanted to focus in on one particular category that I think is really impactful, but often overlooked: the Christmas ornament! Ornaments are a great way to get your brand in front of people, whether it’s your clients or staff. Ornaments are available in so many different styles, shapes and materials – we are confident we’ll find the perfect ornament for you and your next holiday promotion. Here are a bunch of different ornament styles and how they can be used! 

These might be my favourite (hence why I am putting them first), because they are so cute! We have wood ornaments that can be custom to your design, meaning they can be custom cut out to your logo and we can stain the wood to include you brand colours for added pop. But my favourite are these layered wood ornaments that come in stock holiday shapes (tree, snowflake, bear in the woods and snowmen), which have your logo or holiday message laser engraved onto the back! I really like these ones because they look so cute and I can genuinely see myself hanging these on my Christmas tree. There is also a certain level of an eco-feel with wood ornaments, so this would be great for organizations with eco consciousness as one of their core values. 

How about some fun! I love these ornaments for taking on the recent trend of ugly Christmas sweaters and turning it into ornaments. These are made from lead free zinc or iron, so a strong piece that won’t ding or dent, and have a sturdy quality feel. We can get fun with the branding and come up with your very own organization specific ugly sweater design, or choose from some classic patterns. This is a really fun gift that I also think people will enjoy and keep for years to come – a perfect gift to give out at a company holiday party!

If you are looking for a nice holiday mailer, look no further. These ornaments are made in a very thin silver material with a custom pattern cut out of the material, making these a very light piece that is really economical to distribute through mail. Being made from silver, they still have that nice feel, but are actually one of our more cost-effective options for ornaments. A great gift to consider if you are on a budget and are looking to send out gifts. They’re also great as a gift with purchase, fundraiser, or donor mail out!

Crystal Ornaments

Do you want to give something fancy but don’t necessarily have a huge budget? Consider one of our Starfire Crystal ornaments, deep etched with your logo and available in fourteen different shapes, they’re individually packaged in a two-piece black gift box for added value. This is a great option to consider for a clean, classy and higher end gift that will sparkle just right against the Christmas tree lights.  Minimums starting at just 12 units, this is an elegant option to class up your staff or clients’ Christmas tree this year!

The Classic Ball

Add your logo to a Christmas classic, traditional round ornaments! Available in a multitude of colours and options, including traditional glass, round shatterproof, and hand-blown glass. We can create a beautiful gift for upcoming fundraisers, reunions, holiday parties and employee or client appreciation. Recipients are sure to treasure this lovely keepsake for years to come.

Ornaments are a great option to consider as a part of your holiday gifting projects. A piece that can be fairly inexpensive, but used year after year, and associated with the positive feelings around decorating the tree. Want to get started? Check out one of the links above to see more details on our online store, or reach out to us for a custom curated quote just for you.

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Lisa Evenden
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