5 Ways a Coach or Mentor Can Accelerate the Success of Your Company

Hands down, one of the best ways to accelerate your success is to follow in other’s footsteps.  Success leaves clues and learning from other’s tools, templates and mistakes will save you a ton of frustration, time and money in the long run.

So what holds most people back from investing in a mentor or coach? Many believe that the financial burden is too high to which I would respond that any coaching I’ve ever invested in has paid for itself tenfold. When I think of the mentorship and objective advice that has saved my @#$ over the years and multiple thousands of dollars I’m nothing but grateful. Worth every, single, penny!

In this post we’re going to show you how a coach/mentor accelerated the success of our company – and can do the same for you.

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How coaches and mentors accelerated the success of our company

1 - They Provided Structure

Coaches not only bring an impartial view to our issues; they bring structure that many entrepreneurs and leaders otherwise don’t have. Something as simple as a basic weekly coaching discussion with team members to the flow of a meeting to setting out measurable objectives and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). These were all lacking in my business prior to hiring a coach.  The funny thing was, I expected returns and results, but I lacked the infrastructure to keep people accountable.  Structure is an invaluable tool to do just that!

2 - They helped break through mental barriers

“If not you then who”?

These were the famous words that my coach Bob asked me when I struggled for two years straight with numbers I wasn’t pleased with. Growth was good, conservative at best but I was reaching for an aggressive target. 

When he said that to me I realized that I didn’t think I deserved to reach the goal I had set. Literally the difference between hitting that BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) and where I was came down to mindset. A coach will challenge your thinking and the best make you believe you can accomplish anything!

3 - They called me on my BS

Mentors, coaches and accountability partners who will tell you like it is and call you on your BS are the best people to have in your corner.

Done in a kind and firm way, coaches can point out where you’ve been lying to yourself. They challenge why you haven’t moved forward on that big project and they hold you to a higher level and version of yourself. They don’t mince words when it counts to bring awareness to what’s holding you back.

My accountability partner has permission to call me out when I interrupt him. My coach can say things like… “That statement sounds like it’s loaded with judgement” or “That sounds like your ego talking”. Ouch! It stings and then you realize you have to tackle your BS head on so you can move forward. Invaluable!!

4 - They Held Me accountable

Your coach doesn’t care if your dog ate your homework LOL! Why didn’t you get done what you said you would? What held you back?

I recently had a conversation with my coach who challenged me on being stuck in the day-to-day tasks vs. high level strategic planning. I realized that the tasks were comfortable, and I had a great sense of satisfaction “ticking” everything off my list BUT it didn’t move the needle forward. In my role, I’m responsible for strategic planning. He’ll hold me accountable and I’ll report back on my time this week to show that I’ve made the move away from tasks and into high level work like planning, writing and our upcoming marketing membership program.

5 - They Made Me Uncomfortable

Yes! I’m so incredibly grateful for the awkward silences and the long pauses followed by… “And”….. dramatic pause 😊

Great coaches make you dig deep and get raw. Since working with a coach I’ve uncovered patterns that have held me back. There have been tearful conversations like when he asked “What would you do if you had 50% more confidence” or “Why aren’t you playing full out”?

Being guided through some of these conversations and bringing awareness to behaviour is the only way to break free from it and play full out! Get uncomfortable, do the work. It main be painful but it’s temporary and quickly forgotten when you level up!

My number one advice when looking for a coach

If you’ve never considered a coach, I would recommend someone who is a few steps ahead of where you want to be. My personal advice, never stick with a coach (or any professional partner, like an accountant) who doesn’t cheer on your crazy and wildest dreams. If someone tries to tell you to be realistic with your goals, find a new coach! Get aligned with someone who dares and dreams equally big if not bigger than you!

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