Three Ways to Promote a Conscious Culture

We wanted to share a few of the ways that you can create a more conscious culture in your organization, but to do that we wanted to split up the ways that having a conscious culture can show up. It can look like promoting and encouraging employee wellbeing and mindfulness, both at work and at home. It can show up through eco conscious solutions. And it can show up in terms of your organization’s social consciousness, through things like volunteering and fundraising! Now we will expand a little bit more and share with you how these ideas for being more conscious can be actionable in the day-to-day running of your organization. 

Let’s Promote Employee Wellbeing and Mindfulness

Putting your employees’ wellbeing at the forefront especially during the COVID pandemic is so important. We can send engagement gifts, and host team meetings on Zoom, but some people do still feel isolated. A good way to help with this, is to encourage gratitude practices. This can be done with guided journals such as The 5-Minute Journal, where employees can start their day with gratitude. We also have wonderful series of Intentional Journals through SigmaU that can be found here: They are geared for both leaders and team members and help with recognizing how they can show up and how to be intentional throughout their day. There are so many positive benefits to journaling, both personally AND professionally. It improves our relationships and sets up our days to be focused on positivity.

You can also start talking about mental health in a more naturalized way. A lot of teams we work with have really opened up during this time. We’ve seen leaders talk openly with their teams about their own challenges and struggles. Remember that no matter what role we are in, leader or not, we can create those mindful conversations with others on our team; we can be checking in peer-to-peer to see who needs support.

And finally, we can create an overall environment that encourages, supports and promotes wellbeing, which includes balance and taking time for breaks to recharge. Those breaks might be going for a walk around the block, some breathing exercises, a quick step away from the screen. These breaks are what allow us to reset, recalibrate and maintain high energy levels throughout the day. When we have an organization that promotes mindfulness and wellbeing, we have a team that is energized and productive!  

Let’s be Environmentally Conscious!

One of the first things you can do is align with manufacturers and suppliers that are more eco conscious and have practices in place that will help them support you to become more environmentally friendly. This can be anything from using a supplier who uses recycled materials, to someone who has innovated their production process to reduce waste and harmful emissions. If you don’t know, ask!

Another big way you can promote an eco-conscious culture is by purchasing eco items specifically for your gifts and giveaways! There are so many new and innovative items that incorporate being eco conscious like reusable food storage containers, water bottles, cutlery and products that are made from sustainable materials like cotton, bamboo, cork, or even wheat husk plastics, which are recyclable! Reducing those single use plastics is growing in popularity, so show your team you care and encourage them to be just as environmentally conscious! If you provide these items for your team, you are promoting a more eco solution with reusable products!

Create an environment that encourages people who participate in environmentally friendly initiatives, things like biking or walking to work, or carpooling. Perhaps you encourage people to clear up any litter in your office area or in the community!  You can make it fun and even have a little contest with a set list of activities your people can do to help and make it a fun experience all around!   

Let’s be Socially Conscious

A fun way to promote a socially conscious culture is through fundraisers! Fundraise for a cause you and your team believe in to give them a sense that they are contributing, not just to the organization’s success, but also giving back to the community. Whether it’s a simple bake sale, a garage sale, or maybe even participating in a pre-organized fundraiser, have the proceeds go towards a cause that you and your team want to support. You can even do virtual paint nights, where the fee for entry goes towards that cause close to everyone’s heart.

Another great way to support a socially conscious culture is by volunteering together! From painting the food bank or a shelter, to cleaning up litter in your office neighborhood, to doing organized events like walks or runs, these are great team building exercises. This shows your commitment to giving back, but also helps to solidify the relationships in your team, and connects everyone on that humanity level.

And finally, perhaps you can consider looking at a portion of your proceeds or profits that you could be donating directly. Whether it’s an environmental group, a non-profit, whatever cause you want to support and feel some of that social responsibility for, even a little bit can go a long way!

Lastly, we wanted to leave you with this wonderful quote, because we don’t have to do massive things or changes in our lives to leave a lasting impact, even if you take just one thing away from this, that will be a success in our book!


“In a gentle way, you can shake the world”

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Lisa Karjala
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