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With things opening back up, and spring in the air, I wanted to write about one of my favorite types of branded promotional products. The category I wanted to share a little bit about, and provide some great examples, are products that help create and experience for the recipient. This means that the product has a use other than just its intended purpose; that is, to create an experience for the recipient that has value outside of just the utility of the item. I love this, because experiences can be one of the most memorable things in our lives, and what’s a better way to spend marketing efforts than to give out a promotional item that will help create a lasting impression though the joy of the experience they bring.


Games customized with your logo are a great gift and promotion to give to clients and employees alike. This is something they can enjoy with family, friends, or colleagues, and this is a gift that can be used and enjoyed over and over again! From family get togethers, to team lunches, branded games are a great way to incorporate fun and joy into their lives. And the best part, we have such a wide range of options, from simple playing cards, to cribbage boards to chess sets, and even custom favorites like Monopoly and Jenga.  Or, make a totally custom game, like trivia about your organization as a fun onboarding gift!


I am a HUGE puzzle fan, and love doing puzzles so much, I had to include them! Puzzles are a great item for many reasons, one being these are an item that can be enjoyed in a group, or individually. Another reason being that when you are creating a puzzle, you will be looking at the branding TONS of times throughout the process, so your brand is sure to leave its lasting impression!  And the other reason I love custom puzzles as a gift, is because it allows you to get really creative with the image or graphics you use for the puzzle.

Baking and Cooking Kits

A cherished memory I have of my childhood is baking cookies with my mom growing up! Why not give that experience to your clients and staff, especially in the busy world we live in today? Help them get back some time and make new memories with pre-assembled Cookie kits! From classic Chocolate Chip, to Snickerdoodles, to triple chocolate, we’ve got delicious made in Canada cookie kits for your next appreciation! And who doesn’t love a house smelling like fresh baked cookies?  Want to take it to the next level? We’ve got awesome BBQ and Cooking kits with all the ingredients and tools you need to WOW guests at your next dinner party. Whether you like Nachos, Italian or BBQ, we’ve got a kit for you!


Create a spa like atmosphere at home with some of our amazing spa and relaxation swag! From essential oils like lavender, mint, and lemon, to Made in Canada bath salts, bath bombs, and handcrafted soaps and candles, we’ve got this relaxation thing in the bag! Provide your team and clients the opportunity to unwind after a long week with the swag and supplies they need to have their very own spa day at home!

Looking to create a unique experience of your own for your next promotion?  Reach out to us today and let us help make your next branded promotion and experience one to remember!

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