5 Ways to Create Authentic Connections During COVID-19

Most of us are craving personal connections at this point in quarantine. Whether we’re introverts, extroverts or considered a bit of both, a need for connection is deeply engrained in each and every one of us. So how do you stay connected when you are supposed to be self-isolating? 

Here are 5 great ways you can do just that!

5 Authentic Ways to Connect During Quarantine Time

1 - Host Virtual Cocktails!

My girlfriend Jenny started this in our peer-to-peer mentorship group and I’m so glad she did!  Zoom cocktails are a great way to let loose, stay connected and chat with other like-minded people. I’ve since stolen the idea and set up a number of video calls with friends to reconnect. It’s surprisingly intimate and a great way to connect on a deeper level than a phone call.

2 - Send Positive Voice Texts

I’m a big fan of these quick, power-punched positive voice texts as a way to quickly leave an uplifting message for friends, family and clients. Let people know you’re thinking about them and looking forward to having great conversations in the future. They’re so much more impactful than an email! Try it! I promise you people love them and they feel great to do!

3 - Curbside Drop offs

I spent Saturday this past weekend dropping off little self-care kits to my colleagues.  I wanted them to feel connected to the organization as well as know how much I’ve appreciated their optimism and flexibility while working remotely. What an amazing day!!! I even got to have a curbside chat with one of my team members (who I desperately wanted to hug, but resisted).  This simple act of dropping off “cheer” totally gave my weekend a renewed sense of purpose! I promise it will for you too – sprinkle that @#$% everywhere! 😀

4 - Work Out Together

Keeping in strong physical shape during this situation will keep your spirits lifted and energy levels up! Why not follow in my colleagues’ (Jessica and Jaclyn’s) footsteps and do daily workouts together on Zoom! It’s a great way to keep connected, stay accountable for your health and inspire those around you!

5 - Spread Positivity!

Are you listening to amazing podcasts? Have you seen an inspirational movie or YouTube video that will lift someone’s spirits? People are bombarded with some much negativity right now. Be a beacon and spread the good news. If you would love a list of inspiring podcasts just email me nikki@sigmapromotions.com and I’d be happy to share!

Get Your Copy!

Be a beacon and spread the good news. If you would love a list of inspiring podcasts just email me nikki@sigmapromotions.com and I’d be happy to share!

Share your ideas for building positive, authentic connections

I hope this fills your cup! I would love to hear if you have any other ideas to create connection during this time. Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

Sending big virtual hugs until we meet again!

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Nikki Pett
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