6 Strategies to Help You Effectively Deal with Stress

Stress is often the by-product of change. While change is something we all go through and something we need to grow, it can still bring about unknown, anxious and stressful feelings. Many of us are facing change due to COVID-19, and the various effects it’s had on all of our lives. As we look at reintegrating back into the office, school or both, some of us may feel anxious or stressed – and that’s totally normal, and absolutely okay. This is why we’ve put together these 6 simple tips that can help reduce stress.

1. Having a Check-In Buddy

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Sometimes it’s nice to just be able to talk to someone, whether it’s about stress directly or not. By reaching out and talking to someone you trust (a co-worker, friend family member) you can decrease lonely feelings and the notion that you have to face all your challenges alone.

2. Stay Active

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Even if it’s just for 30 seconds. Run up the stairs, do some jumping jacks, stretch. Sometimes that quick burst of activity can get rid of that adrenaline in your system that comes from anxiety and stress. Even squeezing a stress ball counts!

3. Listen to Music

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Whether it’s Metallica, Shania Twain, Eminem, or the Wiggles, whatever gets you going, put on a few songs! Sing along, stand up, dance around! Listening to music can have a profound impact on stress and your mood, so pump up the beats!

4. Prioritize sleep

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I know, easier said than done! But it’s been shown that when you get 6-9 hours of sleep, you are less stressed and able to cope with overwhelming situations better than when you are tired and fatigued.

5. Take a Break

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Sometimes when we are in stressful situations, we feel like we just have to bear down and keep going at a challenge until it’s resolved. But sometimes stepping away, taking a break and regrouping actually allows some space and clarity in our minds to find the right solution and come back in a better mindset!

6. Breathe

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In, 2, 3 … and out, 2, 3… It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just taking a few deep breaths and getting that oxygen flowing can help calm the mind and have you feeling more balanced and in a less stressed state!

Act now! Leave your thoughts!

I hope these tips have been helpful for you!

Don’t forget: the best time to act and improve your life is now! So share in the comments which one of these tips you’ll try this week. Have other insights on stress relief? Make sure to share those too. 

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Lisa Karjala
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