7 Ways Change Can Help You Grow

If there’s anything that we can say collectively right now, it is that change happens! Or perhaps we think of another word before the word happens! @#$$ Happens! Whether we like it or not, change creates a sense of unpredictability and discomfort until it becomes a new norm. I agree with many who have said that it is really a time of survival of the most adaptable versus survival of the fittest.

We were all thrown off kilter back in March when we were ordered to work from home. Some of us were more prepared than others. Some of us had systems and software in place and even had pandemic pantries full of provisions! Others really struggled to adapt to the change. Extroverts found little comfort in Zoom calls and virtual collaboration. Needless to say, we’ve all experienced a few months that none of us could have anticipated and we have survived 100% of all of the very worst days!

As many businesses plan to reintegrate back in to their office environments, we are about to face another change or “storm” as my coach Bob used to call it. There’s going to be a sense of discomfort again, a sense of unease. It’s totally normal AND it will pass!


I’ve been reflecting on change and preparing for our return in a couple of weeks and realized that change can actually be an incredible thing when we embrace it to our benefit.

Stories of Facing Change with Courage:

Listen to our latest webinar where I interview two Sigma Squad members – Jaclyn & Lindsay – about how they dealt with the challenges that COVID-19 brought into their lives and how they answered to change with courage.

7 ways that change makes us stronger

1 - Change stretches our thinking!

Change stretches our way of thinking. Pre-COVID, we had a solid business plan. 

We had just gone through our 90 day, one year and three year strategic plan and we were all working together to achieve our BHAGS (big hairy audacious goals). We were ramping up our trade show consulting services and our strategic initiatives for corporate executive door openers. 

Then events were cancelled and office doors were quite literally closed. We began to stretch our thinking. How could we serve the same clients and help them reach their goals and support them as they navigated this new territory? And we did! We pivoted and launched virtualeventswagbags.com. We also found that just by asking, most clients and prospective clients were open to receiving packages to their homes and so we had a variation of our executive door opener program delivered in a really personal way.

Once our team successfully launched our new division, we started thinking of other ways to innovate. We wanted to bring maximum value to our clients and prospective clients during a sensitive time. We wanted to stay top of mind without “selling” and so we brought our resources together and created incredible libraries of cheat sheets, tips, tools and workshop outlines for leaders to reduce the time of their research and development for key client and team engagement. 

This was the beginning of Sigma U which is still in its infancy and we couldn’t be prouder of the content-rich and foundational tools to help companies really spike their business post-COVID. Stay tuned!

Brainstorming questions for you:
Can you ride this change and find a product or service you can offer in this new norm?
2 - Change opens the door for creativity and collaboration!

I had a meeting with a gentleman today who does digital live streaming for virtual events as well as interactive apps to increase participant engagement.

We discussed virtualeventswagbags.com and how we could design an “energy box” for participants to receive ahead of the conference with a note to open on conference day. This concept came from a need expressed by conference organizers to keep sponsors happy while engaging delegates with tangible memories for the day.

We recognized that when you’re physically at a conference, your coffee, donuts, lunch and granola bars are ready for you as you exit each session. With virtual events, you’re running for your own coffee and snacks. You’re also dealing with a boss who knows that they can contact you anytime by email or text so you don’t have the same experience of “getting away and recharged”, nor do you have the same ability to concentrate. You’re navigating emails and text messages while shushing barking dogs and changing diapers!

That’s how the idea of an energy kit came to us. What if we sent a box branded with mini kits inside that had time stamps? E.g. 10:00 a.m. RBC kit with coffee covered expresso beans to keep you jacked and fired up for the next keynote. Perhaps Good Life sponsors tension bands for the 2:00 p.m. break and do an interactive desk work out, all captured on social media of course. We’re all being forced to collaborate and get more creative with the intent of meeting client needs the best we can and this can only create positive change!

Brainstorming questions for you:
Who can you collaborate with in this new norm?
How can you help each other and how will that benefit your customers?
3 - Change gives us an opportunity to skill-up!

Many people have taken advantage of this time to learn a new instrument, language or get certified in a course. Some may have been optional and others may have increased their skill set out of necessity to follow suit as a company pivoted. We all benefit when we skill up, learn more and bring more value to the marketplace.

Brainstorming questions for you:
What new skills can you learn that will move you ahead either in your career or in your personal life? 
4 - Change creates new norms!

I believe that neither Sigma U or VESB would have been birthed without us being forced in to change. We were quite happy building a strong business and while we dabbled for many years and served clients with many of the consulting services that we’re now creating into courses, I don’t believe we would have leapt forward as quickly without COVID.


On the personal side, I’ve seen team members create new norms around their health and wellness that will be sustainable and have an incredible long-term positive impact on their health and productivity. Many of us created new norms in our morning routine which include meditation, yoga, exercise, meal prep and so on, which replaced commute times with self-care.


Not all “new norms” are bad, frustrating or a nuisance. Change brings resilience and life to what really matters.

Brainstorming questions for you:
What parts of your business or personal life can you focus on and strengthen in this new norm? 
What kind of new routines can you implement?
5 - Change opens the door to connectedness

This change has brought a new level of togetherness on work teams, with families and friendships. We’re all in this together! It’s amazing how the world has collectively felt this sense of belonging and communities have been strengthened. I’ve seen pop up breakfast clubs in our neighbourhood and heard of parents coming together to sort out homeschooling as a village.


On our team, we’ve seen a sense of increased connectedness through accountability partners. Having someone on the team check on you to see how you’re doing, what they can support you with or how they can inspire you. This will become a new norm for us at Sigma rotating accountability partners to deepen relationships with each team member across all departments.

Brainstorming questions for you:
Who can you connect to during this change? 
Who can help you and who can you support? 
How can you make sure your team is supported?
6 - Change gives us an opportunity to reflect and refine

We were all working away, busy at our jobs, rushed on our weekends and even hurried through our holidays. Now, I believe we all have a renewed sense of being in the present. Recognizing what really matters.

Some of us have tapped in to our faith more than ever. I know that my faith has kept me grounded and feeling a sense of ease as I’ve navigated through the challenges of the past few months.

Some of us are reassessing our goals personally and professionally. Is that huge goal worth losing the new norm of balance and excellence in terms of your health and wellbeing? We’re reprioritizing as a society what matters deeply and this is a beautiful thing!


Brainstorming questions for you:
How can you reassess your personal and professional goals?
What matters for you the most and how can you focus on that more?
7 - Change builds self-confidence!

The most rewarding part about dealing with change is the confidence that it builds! If you are reading this, you have survived the craziness of quarantine. You’re more resilient than you ever knew you could be. You’re more adaptable then you knew you would ever have to be. You’ve been put to the test and you passed! Now one of the ways you can keep boosting that self-confidence, as Ed Mylett teaches, is to keep the promises you made to yourself.

So if you decided that you would make your marriage a priority because COVID was a wake-up call, commit to it. If you decided that you would stick to your workout regime because you’ve never felt healthier, commit to it! If you decided that you will focus and push hard and with more determination than ever before, commit to it. Keep going! You’ve got this!

Brainstorming questions for you:
How would you like to become stronger during this change?
What values will you stick to, no matter what happens?

Share your takeaways!

Now, we want to hear from you! Which one of the 7 ways resonated with you the most? 

Is there another method that helped you face and accept change? Share with us in the comments below! 

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