4 Fitness products that you can use in your marketing campaigns

With various states of closures and lockdowns, I’m sure your people are starting to go a little stir-crazy!

What better habit to pick up during this time than physical activity! In the winter and early spring months when outdoor activities are less popular and less available, it can be especially hard to stay active. Help promote a healthy lifestyle and wellness with your team this season with some products related to fitness, that your team or clients can benefit from at home.

Not only will these products have high utility, providing activity for recipients, but there will also be your branding on the product providing continual exposure and brand impressions through use.

Without further ado, check out these awesome fitness products you can brand and give out to your team and clients!

1. Yoga Mats

This item is very versatile and converts any room into a gym instantly. Recipients can use this mat for a whole host of activities, including yoga, Pilates, strength training, pushups, sit ups and the list goes on!

There are many options for yoga mats with different price points and thicknesses, as well as an array of different colours. Brand with your logo to have your organization top of mind when recipients think of wellness and care!

Source: www.debcosolutions.com

2. Resistance Bands

These are a great lightweight item that is perfect to send out to clients and team members. This versatile piece of equipment can easily be used even while sitting at a desk! They are great to assist in stretching, opening up the chest and back and strength training. You can easily find free videos on stretching and strength training with resistance bands online or include a fun facts sheet with the products!

Resistance bands are a great item you can send out in a small package to people to promote a health and wellness message.

Source: www.pcna.com

3. Massage Balls and Foam Rollers

Need some relief from sore muscles? Try using massage balls which are ideal for deep tissue muscle massaging, eliminating knots and relieving tension. We also have quite a range of items to help any muscle needs! This is also a great item because, while it helps with sore muscles after a workout, it can also provide relief for everyday soreness in your neck or back from sitting at a desk.

Source: www.spectorandco.ca

4. Water bottles

Hydration is key! Both for physical and mental health, it’s important to stay hydrated. Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive water bottle or you’d like a high-end, name brand water bottle, we can find a great solution for your needs.

Source: www.pcna.com

If you are looking to promote health and wellness in your organization, we have so many different products that we can provide that will help you achieve that goal. We can even combine various items to form a “workout from home” kit! Reach out for more details!

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