Fun Ideas for Winter Promotional Materials!

Winter does not have to be ALL doom and gloom with the chilly weather – there are still some great things we have that can bring out the best in the winter season and keep your branding top of mind in seasonable fashion! Here are a few of my fave winter pieces:

Toques: If you haven’t already checked out my blog on toques, you should go give that a read HERE. I go in depth on a bunch of my favourite styles there, but it wouldn’t be a winter blog if I didn’t mention a toque here! I wanted to highlight the Twilight Toque, because it comes with a built-in headlamp! With three settings, this toque is perfect to wear when you’re outside in the dark – which this time of year feels like always! A great way to find your way around in the darker hours of the day, and to increase your visibility when walking near roadways, all while keeping you warm and snug as a bug!

Hand Warmers: If you are looking for a great giveaway for an outdoors event but don’t have the budget for gloves or toques, these hand warmers are the perfect solution! Available in single or double packs, these hand warmers are easily activated and last up to 8 hours! Great for all outdoor cold weather events & winter venues. Comes with a custom printed four-color process insert card to promote your brand & create a fantastic branding opportunity & heat up sales.  

Lip Balm: With the cold comes the inevitable dryness of winter, and our lips are the first ones to suffer! Don’t let your client suffer the pain of chapped lips.  Offer these great, inexpensive yet highly used promotional items; Lip balm! My personal fave are the round ones that come in metallic colours, just such a fun and easy way to get your brand impressions. We also have all natural options with full colour labels that can take your branding to the next level!

Crazy Carpets Ya’ll, do you remember the thrill of sliding down the hill on these crazy freaking things?! I guess that’s why they call them crazy carpets. A branded sled is a fun and unique gift or giveaway item this winter.  Take advantage of the trend towards spending more time doing outdoor activities and get your brand noticed. Our promotional snow sleds are the perfect item to add a touch of FUN to your marketing that will have the whole family rolling in the snow!

Insulated Tuberz We’ve all seen the ever so popular survivor style buffs during summer event, so let’s bring this item into the winter season with a fuzzy warm version! With full colour sublimation, printed with ecofriendly inks, your marketing and branding ideas have no limits! This is one of the hottest and most versatile winter accessories, it will provide warmth to reduce heat loss while you are enjoying the great outdoors. Choose from white or black polar fleece lining, and you and your clients will be off to the races with these! For our Great Canadian winters, you need our Canadian made Winter Tuber’z!

Salt Removing Stick: We’ve all been there when we look down and see that awful ring of white, staining the edges of our shoes and boots during the winter. Look no further for a great promotional giveaway for your next tradeshow or conference

Heating Pad: Whooeee, the way to my heart is through heat, I swear. Nothing feels better in the dead of winter than turning on a heating pad and getting that sweet sweet warmth. This heating pad is a great and unique gift that will be used time and time again. The mini-Blanket is adapted to any 5V2A USB power interface as a power source, and has three temperature levels: Level 1 – 104 F – Green, Level 2 – 122 F – Blue and Level 3 – 140 F – Red. Leave an impact and warm up cold prospects with these cozy and comfy heating pads this winter!

That’s all I got for you today folks! I know the winter can be a cold and dark time, but it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom! Reach out today for a jolt of sunshine, positivity, and great, strategic swag!

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