Golf Season

‘Tis the season for putting!! As we head through spring and look towards summer, one of the requests that we see increase this time of year is for golf swag. Golf is a widely appreciated hobby and sport for many, and many organizations partake in or support golf tournaments. One of the ways you can get your name and organization involved in golf and golf tournaments is through branded swag for the players. I’ve shared a few of my favourite ideas for this year’s golf season! 

The Classics:

Golf balls are a classic giveaway for tournaments, or even just to have on hand to give away as client gifts during the spring and summer months. Usually priced by the dozen, these are a real classic item that come in a wide range of budgets from the Taylormade® Noodle Easy Distance Golf Ball at your economy option, all the way up to the premium gold balls like the Titleist® Pro V1® Golf Ball.

Hats are another classic item to consider, and for good reason; whether rain or shine, you don’t want your gaze to be obstructed when you’re making your drive or putt.  My go-to hat this season is the everyday twill cap, which is a great hat at a great price, though for golf specifically, we’ve found our clients often appreciate hats from familiar golf brands like Nike or Callaway which we can co-brand with your organization’s logo! 

And one of the most popular items to give away at a golf tournament are golf towels! Golf towels are great because they provide a wonderful space and visibility for your organization’s brand, as many towels are hung and displayed on golfer’s bags, providing much exposure throughout the course and clubhouse. And, they are a useful item, so the recipients will get continual use and utility out of the item, game after game! The Eagle Golf Towel is my personal pick!

The Creative Golfer Ideas:

For a creative idea, give out can and drink coolers at your next golf tournament! While these aren’t necessarily directly related to golf, playing 18 holes is certain to work up your thirst for a nice cool beverage! With multiple options, from the classic koozies, to more durable, multi-use options like the Chill Zone Can Cooler, this is a great creative item that recipients will love!

So, if I am sharing can cooler, I have to share cooler backpacks with you as a creative idea!  Cooler backpacks are one of my favourite new categories for the summer in general, not even just for great golfer items! These would make a super golf tournament gift, leaving a lasting impression of a brand that provides new, useful and cool ideas. The Beast Gear Cooler Backpack is my favourite!

And Last. But certainly not least, one creative idea that I love to give out for a golf tournament, is the High Sierra Packable Hammock. I love this item for a golfer prize or gift, with a lower order minimum, this high-quality, high-value item will WOW the recipients, and they can take this wherever they want to lounge this summer – camping, in the back yard, at the cottage, wherever! It is a new and different item that will capture attention be the talk of the course!

I hope this blog has been useful in helping you think about what you might want to provide for your next golf swag! Reach out to us if you would like some other fun and creative ideas for your golf giveaways and gifts this summer!

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