Graduation Gift Ideas

We know things are still up in the air with what events are going to look like for the remainder of the year and, while we are hopeful, it’s also important to plan in advance and have a contingency plan, should events like graduations be cancelled. In 2020, we had a rush of requests for graduation gifts to send out to each graduate’s home in lieu of in-person celebrations and we have already had a few clients reach out for this year.

Gift a memory

Provide graduates with something that will help them remember their time at the school. Our school years are some of the most memorable and formative times in our lives, especially when they attend a school with that strong sense of community. Friendships and relationships are built that will leave a lasting impact on the students. Provide students with something they can look back on and remember all of the fun times they had, challenges they’ve overcome, and help them get excited about where the future will take them.

Personalize it!

Personalize it! Add an extra touch by choosing an item that can be personalized with each student’s name! People like receiving something that was made specifically for them – it adds value to the product, and increases the positive experience. Especially during this time, people might be struggling and it will mean a lot if you take that extra step to recognize them individually by their name. By adding personalization, you take the product to another level of attachment and meaning for the recipient.

Shared class gifts

Use the gift to signify their rite of passage, as the ceremony has done in the past. Graduation is an event many students look forward to throughout their schooling. Tossing their cap in the air, walking across the stage to accept their diploma. Even though students might not be able to partake in some of these traditions, you can still make their graduation a special moment that brings their school community together through a shared class gift that will help them move onto the next stages of their lives.

Gift a signage

Provide signage to grads they can put on their front lawns, so they can still involve their families and get some community recognition and support. Even if you can’t have a traditional graduation, you can still show your pride and community by sending grads signs they can post on their lawns, involving their family and their neighbourhood in their celebration!

Kit it!

Whether it’s an add on to your graduation plans, or a complete custom experience with custom packaging, kits, products and deliveries, we can help. Whatever you decide to do for your graduation celebrations, we would encourage you to reach out for some ideas that we’ll customize to your school experiences!

All of these things will help reestablish that sense of community and togetherness that their schooling has been all about. It’s important to commemorate that and honour the graduates for the challenging times they’ve faced over the last year with remote learning and being adaptable to new routines. Providing students with a gift will help bring back some of that sense of togetherness and provides you the opportunity to honour them in a special and unique way. Reach out so we can help you make a memorable experience for your grads!

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Lisa Karjala
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