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I know, I know, we keep saying how important it is to recognize our clients and our staff this year more than ever! But how are you going to do that when everyone is working from home and you can’t have your usually holiday party?

Never Fear, Sigma to the rescue! We are able to provide complete gifting services from start to finish. That means from product conception, all the way through to individual deliveries – we handle it all. We can ship directly to your clients or staff members and to as many addresses as you want – really, as many as you want!

Step 1

Select products

Step 2

Select packaging

Step 3

Provide addresses

Step 4

Sit back and relax!

Frequently asked questions about hands free gifting:

How do I get all the addresses?

There are a few ways for this, but in our experience the easiest is to just reach out to your clients or staff members directly and ask! We like to add a little teaser when reaching out for home addresses and say we have a little something coming their way. For staff members, your HR team might have a file on hand. We can supply you with a shipping Excel formatted document so all the addresses are nice and formatted correctly, which will save time!

How much does this cost?

Drop shipping and kitting have a lot of moving parts to them. The best way to get an accurate price would be to email your Sigma Sales Rep with what you’re thinking of providing for your team, and we can quote out from there. Kitting and drop shipping charges can really range and add anywhere from $5-$50 per kit, depending on quantities, complexity, and timelines.

How many items can you put in each gift set?

The sky is the limit! We can do as many items per gift set as you like. The more items and the more complex the package, the more expensive each kit will be. We do have some stock kits that already have items prepackaged, which can also be a great option! If you’re not sure how many items to include, reach out to us with your ideal budget and we’ll share some options for you to get ideas flowing.

Does drop shipping include the individual shipping charge?

In short, no. The drop shipping charge is the cost for splitting up all of the items, providing the appropriate packaging for each item, and getting them ready for the courier. The shipping fees would be additional and quoted once we know the locations and exact specs for each package.

Still Have questions? Please reach out! We are always here and happy to help! 

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