In Person Events

Woohoo! In person events are back y’all! I know we have all gotten used to Zoom-ing or Teams-ing with clients and team members, but there is something special about being in person, real time face to face that takes the connection to the next level! I know I have certainly missed it! With the return of conferences, tradeshows, concerts, summer picnics and BBQ celebrations comes a beautiful opportunity to showcase and highlight your brand! I wanted to share a few of my favourite go-tos for great in person giveaways! Make the joy and connection from your next in person event last long after the date is over with these fun, creative and useful swag items to showcase your brand!

Lip Balms: I LOVE these as a giveaway! Lip balms are the perfect item to hand out, as they allow for full colour branding on the entire label! That way you can add any additional slogans, or event specific themes on there to really capture the event brand. With tons of fun flavours, lip balm is sure to be a hit at your next event!

Mints: For the car, purse, desk or home office, mints and gum are such a fun giveaway! Customize gum sleeves like a business card for tradeshows and conferences, or with fun graphics for team giveaways and events to keep spirits high! Mints are another great option for in person events, with various different mint shapes like gold balls, trucks, cards, hearts, smiley faces… it really adds an extra little fun element to a giveaway that will keep recipients minty fresh!

Scrible Journal: I love this new product! Made in Canada, these journals are custom made to your specifications using FSC certified paper – yay environment! Available in 4 different sizes, center sewn or perfect bound, different paper textures for the cover, lined, blank or dotted filler, this is an awesome piece to use as a giveaway at your next event. Having a fully customizable front and back cover gives you ample room to create and print a fun and impactful design! And after the event, they can use for notes, journaling, and to do lists galore!

Seed Paper: Seed Paper is a very versatile promotional giveaway because you can basically do anything you would usually print on paper, on this wonderful sustainable and eco friendly option! From something simple like seed paper shapes, to little “salad” kits that plant lettuce, tomato and carrots (to grow your own salad), this is a great eco conscious product line to consider! Most standard seed paper grows a blend of native wildflowers, helping promote pollinator growth, but other varieties include herbs, and veggies as well! Consider seed paper coasters, table cards or bookmarks for your next event!

Tote Bags: This staple promotional product is still a star as new and fun designs continue to revolutionize the category. We have so many options, from the classic non-woven totes for groceries, to totes made from sustainable materials like cotton, cork and recycled fabrics, to fashion forward heathered and sequined options! A very versatile item that can be used time and time again!

I hope this has given you some fun ideas for YOUR next event! For more information, reach out to us! We’d love to hear from you!

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