How You and Your Employees Can Benefit from Journaling

What is the best gift you can give to your team and your clients when the new year starts? A gift that has a positive impact on their life and helps them work towards their goals. And we know what this gift is: a journal.

Yep, a nice, fresh journal that’s ready to be filled with goals, thoughts and ideas.

Are you feeling skeptical about this? We totally get it. In the age of smart devices and shiny gadgets, it’s easy to overlook all the amazing benefits you, your team and your clients can gain from journaling on a regular basis. That’s why for this blog post, we collected 7 of these awesome benefits and we also share 3 of our favourite journaling products for 2021.

7 Benefits of Journaling

#1 - Journaling helps with achieving goals:

Journaling often includes writing about your dreams, ambitions and goals. The more you write about these, the more a detailed plan will form. Your brain will also feel the importance of these topics and will flag relevant opportunities that come in your way.

#2 - Journaling stretches your IQ

Journaling requires you to look for new words and extends your vocabulary which has a positive correlation with intelligence.

#3 - Journaling evokes mindfulness

You have to slow down when you handwrite your thoughts. You also have to be in the moment to look for the right expressions and to follow the thoughts you want to jot down. This makes journaling an amazing mindfulness / meditation exercise where past frustrations and future anxieties lose their edge on you and you will feel less stresses afterwards.

#4 - Journaling boosts memory & comprehension

There’s a unique connection between ideas and handwriting. The formation of letters causes your mind to compose and re-compose ideas while journaling. This strengthens previously learned information and improves cognitive recall.

#5 - Journaling builds emotional intelligence

Journaling is perfect for processing emotions and it builds self-awareness that helps you better understand yourself and your reactions to different scenarios. When you are more self-aware, you can also be kinder and more emphatic with others because you can visualize their situation.

#6 - Journaling helps in healing

Journaling is a route to emotional, physical and psychological healing.  James Pennebaker, author of Writing to Heal has seen improved immune function in participants of writing exercises. Stress often comes from emotional blockages and overthinking hypotheticals. These can all be processed during journaling.

#7 - Journaling sparks creativity

A powerful tool is simply to write without thinking, which is called “stream of consciousness” writing. Beyond overcoming writer’s block, this journaling technique brings out thoughts and ideas you never knew you had in you and loosens up your expressive muscles. Even one page of it as part of your daily journaling routine will get your creative juices flowing.

Our favourite journals for 2021

Single Meeting Donald Notebook

The Sigma team all agrees that this journal is incredible!! This soft cover “Single Meeting” journal has 72 ivory lined, perforated pages with a date feature. It’s also the perfect companion at every seat around the conference table. This journal lays flat when open, making writing inside of it a dream! Add your logo with a classy tone on tone deboss, or a flashier hot foil stamp imprint.   A perfect product to mail out to your team, clients or partners. Get your brand recognized in the best way possible!

Custom Sribl Journal

Scribl journals are a fully customizable, unique notebook manufactured right here in Canada. With different size options, binding options, and paper filler options, you are sure to find what you’re looking for here.  There are also great cover material options, like smooth matte, textured, or kraft! Want to make it stand out even more? You got it! We can add custom pages to the front or back of the books, as well as bellybands to give it a completed retail look. These notebooks are a great way to step up your promotional game!

Intentional Leader or Team Member Journal

This is a great option for people who are starting out journaling and appreciate a guide and structure. With prompts twice daily in the morning and evening, this journal encourages the reader to set intentions for the day, and reflect and refine at the end of the day. The journal is set up in an easy to understand guide, that will help you as a leader or team member approach your days with intention and purpose!

Grab a pen and start writing!

We hope you enjoyed this blog post. Have you already tried journaling? We would love to hear your feedback and experience, so please share it in the comments.

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Lisa Karjala
Andrea Szabo
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