Life’s A Beach!

Summer is here! One of the things I love the most about the summers is taking a beach day! Taking time away from everyday tasks, getting your feet in the sand and soaking up the sun! We’ve got some AWESOME products that you can use in your next promotion to help take your recipients’ beach days to the next level!

First, I like to get all my stuff packed up together in a gorgeous canvas beach tote, like this sturdy and durable option! Perfect for you to pack up all the things you’ll want to have with you on your beach day, and a great branding space for maximum brand impressions! Speaking of what to pack, why not add a beautiful heavy cotton coloured beach towel with a tone-on-tone logo! Perfect for laying on the land to get your tan on and for drying off after a dip in the water!

Once you arrive at the beach, whip out a customizable aluminum beach umbrella to create some shade! We love the sun, but it’s also great to have a nice shady spot to chill and relax.

Now for some sun protection, pop on a stylist pair of branded sunglasses with branding on one or both arms! They have UV400 protection so you can see all the beach beauty without the glare of the sun!

While you’re chilling on the beach, open up this customizable inflatable couch! What a cool and trendy item to chillax on at the beach! Lay down for your own personal comfort or sit sideways with friends! While you’re chillaxing on your couch, make sure you stay hydrated with the aptly named Montego tumbler! Double wall insulated so your cold beverages stay icy cold for a nice cool refresher! And speaking or refreshments, keep your drinks and snacks fresh and cool in this amazing waterproof cooler bag! With full colour branding, a stainless steel bottle opener, leak-resistant heat-sealed liner, and hinge-style zippered top for quick accessibility, this product is a win on and off the beach!  

And finally, have some fun! Whether you’re into a custom frisbee or beach ball, or even custom sand toys! Make some time for some play on your beach day and incorporate those branded products into it!

These are some of MY faves to take with me to set up my best beach day! What are yours? 😊

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