Lynn & Liana Serving Board Collection

With the whisper of fall in the air, I wanted to write a blog on one of my favourite new lines. These products are such a great fit for fall events, thanksgiving appreciation gifts, and even to plan ahead for holiday gifts. This new line is the Lynn & Liana collection of cheese and serving boards. These products are made in Canada and are a gorgeous combination of acacia hardwood and hand poured eco-friendly epoxy, creating one of a kind gifts perfect for the home or office.

The boards are made with durable, visually stunning Acacia wood which is naturally resistant to scratches, stains, and bacteria growth. They also come in a wide range of styles, including classic rectangle boards (available in four sizes), rectangle paddle boards (available in three sizes), round paddle boards, baguette boards, and their newest launch, a leaf shaped board! I love the leaf shape board because it is a true reflection of the positive environmental impact these have and is such a beautiful statement piece. Whatever your style, we are sure to have something that works for you and your gifting needs.

The boards are hand poured with EcoPoxy, a brand-creating Epoxy Resin that is 100% bio based, so you can feel good knowing you are receiving an environmentally friendly product. There are 10 stunning stock colours and for orders of 100 units or more we can even create the resin in your own custom brand colours for an added wow factor! My favourite colour way is ocean vibes (top left in the below) because it really does give those ocean vibes! But honestly, all of these colours would look amazing in any home or kitchen. This will be a gift that people will hold on to for years and years! It’s such a nice piece and the quality is unparalleled.

Then, of course, your logo or branding is laser engraved into the wood to create that added impact and positive brand impression for years to come. Once engraved into the piece, the boards are left to cure, and then seasoned with food safe wood treatment oils, so the boards are 100% ready to go once they get in your recipient’s hands. Finally, they’re packaged in black Lynn & Liana Design gift boxes, perfect for the unboxing experience that adds to any gift giving.

Check out this great video showing the entire process from start to finish on how they create these beautiful pieces!

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These really are the best of everything: a beautiful and useful item, made in Canada, eco-friendly, customizable, and something people are going to keep for years which will make your brand look the best it can be. Get your order started with us today!

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