Lisa’ List: 2023 Naughty and Nice Holiday Promotions!

Okay, so anyone who knows me know I actually think everyone and everything is nice, BUT I wanted to share some things to think about this holiday season for your corporate gifts, team gifts or donor appreciation gifts that might get you on the naughty list, and what will for sure land you on the nice list! At the end of the day, the holiday season, for me, is about the joy of giving, and connection and the togetherness that giving fosters. That is the spirit of the season, so I think if you go into the season with that intention, you will come out successful and on the nice list, indeed!

E-Gift cards. Listen, I get it, gift cards are a really popular gift especially for staff appreciation, but at least put a LITTLE more effort into it than an e-gift card. While sending them by email means they’re really easy to distribute, they are also easily forgotten about. SO many e-cards are not used at all, and if they are many people do not even recall where they got the card to begin with.  

Instead consider a physical gift card in wrapping with a custom bow – if you choose to give gift cards at least give a PHYSICAL card that is wrapped nicely, showing the time and care you put into the gift. And bonus points if you can tie a custom branded ribbon around the card wrapping or added impact! You can even pair the gift card with a small gift or a personally hand written card to make your team feel special.

This gal loves a good gift basket as much as the next gal, but use caution when buying gift baskets from large retailers! They typically have to place their orders for the holidays in the summer, and sometimes those baskets spend months on containers coming from overseas, meaning the contents might be…. a little less than fresh! There’s nothing worse than having your staff or clients open up a moldy gift basket.

Nice: Source Gift Baskets Locally

Let us help you source locally baked treats, made fresh for your order! Combine some delicious treats with branded items to make a complete and well-rounded gift basket or kit. This way your contacts can enjoy the treats, and also have some useful keepsake items branded with your logo to leave lasting impressions for months or even years to come.


Now, I am totally here for repurposing swag that you have not used from something else, but for a client or especially staff appreciation gift, we definitely recommend something unique to the holiday so no contact would have gotten the same gift from you at a past tradeshow or conference. You can absolutely repurpose these items but, depending on the item, it doesn’t necessarily “work” as an appreciation gift. For example, if you have tradeshow swag leftover that had messaging specific to promote your offerings, that likely won’t make for a nice staff appreciation piece.

If you want to incorporate swag you have from a prior order, you can absolutely do so, just ensure the messaging aligns. Give old swag a refreshed feel by pairing it with a new item that doesn’t even need to be branded! I of course would push for a branded gift to be paired with existing items, but if time doesn’t permit, you can totally combine a branded gift with unbranded. And don’t forget, packaging goes a long way, so if you kit together a few items with a pretty bow and card, that makes for a really impactful gift and still repurposes leftover swag.

Looking for last minute holiday gifts for your team? The Sigma Superstar team is here! Reach out to us today so we can make sure your gifting strategy this year lands on the nice list!

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Lisa Evenden
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