Using Nostalgia Marketing in Your Promotional Campaigns

Here at Sigma, we recently took part in a group presentation led by our awesome graphics designer, Andi! We learned all about trends that will help us serve our clients and our readers to the best of our abilities.

One of the trends that came up, which I LOVE, is nostalgia. As we head into 2024 we can see nostalgia taking a firm root in marketing and product success! By tapping into the value that comes with sentimentality and memories of “the good times” this can provide consumers with an emotional escape.

The best application of this trend brings together the feelings of good memories combined with current ideas. Look at the return of the fanny packs, Barbie Movie, and revival of vintage toys! I’ve highlighted here a few nostalgic ideas that you can use to incorporate into your own branding and promotional product projects.

What were the toys and trends when your target audience was growing up? I was a 90’s kid, so I love these custom gumball machines! They evoke a total sense of nostalgia with fun times at the movies, parks or the arcade. These would be a super idea for a themed tradeshow or company event! Slinky’s are another good one that’s a total throwback – and actually makes a great fidget toy to have on your desk. It’s a great example of combining nostalgic products with new ideas and trends! Same thing for crazy putty! Another fun product to play with as a kid, and also makes for a great fidget toy! We could come up with some great taglines and creative approaches with these as an item that stands out at your next event.

Incorporate the design of the imprint or even your logo in a retro way. Perhaps you can bring back an old version of your logo as part of a “limited time retro release” of old school swag to celebrate your company anniversary! If you don’t have an old logo you want to use, we can help you create a cool retro version of your logo for a special project. Or, we can help use retro or vintage patterns like tie die, neon colours, or whatever patterns/colour evocative of the timeframes you are looking for to create a custom pattern/design that can then be imprinted onto an item!

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Maybe there are specific memorabilia items your target market might resonate with! We’ve got some really great old school themed items. One of the trendiest we’ve seen are certainly the fanny packs, and we have everything from the modern belt bag style or the old school classic fanny packs from the 90’s – remember the Rock struttin’ with a fanny pack? Those were the days! And we’ve even got tie die fanny pack options, taking it back to the 60’s/70s!  And check out these retro style speakers that combine modern technology and sustainable materials with the retro design of an old speaker box. For a trip down a tasteful memory lane, we even have nostalgia candy boxes filled with candies from the decades they represent: from the 50s all the way to the 90s! One of my personal faves are the old school Varsity jackets, which aren’t just for schools! These would make for a great team appreciation gift for an anniversary or special occasion to really draw on nostalgia and team spirit!  

When you are thinking about your next project or promotion, consider the trend of nostalgia – it’s a powerful tool that can be used to help your project reach success. Not sure where or how to start? Reach out to us now and we would be more than happy to connect with you on how we can incorporate nostalgia into your next project!

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Lisa Evenden
Andrea Szabo
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