How to Set Your Team Up for Success with a Strong Onboarding Program

How you welcome a new team member to your company will ensure both the success of the employee and the employer as well. The onboarding program is often the first impression to the ins-and-outs of an organization and its people.

Why is onboarding important? Here we will share three ways you will see a massive ROI if you invest in a solid onboarding program.

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3 Ways to Benefit from a Strong Onboarding Program

1 - Create a Benefit of Value

Here is the opportunity to show your new team member that they are valued right from the start. Show them your team truly cares about its people. The onboarding process is a first impression for the new team member on what their work life will be like – best to make it an amazing one! If your new hire arrives and nothing is set up, it tells them they are not regarded as high on their new employer’s priority list. It could make the new team member feel devalued. Remember, an employee that feels valued shows up much differently than ones that feel undervalued.

Sigma Suggestion:

Have a signed note card from the team and perhaps a small gift at their desk, letting the new hire know how excited everyone is to have them start.


2 - Set Expectations High

A strong onboarding process lets the new hire know right away about expectations, company norms, and core values. If you have a training and onboarding plan, you have the opportunity to teach them some key elements that aren’t necessarily directly tied to the new team member’s role. This will help them transition into your organizations culture. Consider including your core values and what those look like in action, team norms like when they break for lunch, do they eat together etc.

Sigma Suggestion:

Create a working file to share your core values with examples that all employees have access to. 


2 - Set Up For Success

With the right start, your new hire will undoubtedly be productive faster. If the new team member starts and nothing is set up for them yet, they are essentially being paid to wait around. Make sure that your new team member is set up for success from day one to make the transition as smooth as possible for both of you. If they arrive and they have all the tools and resources ready to go, they can jump right into their day and get started on training.

Sigma Suggestion:

Schedule a reminder for whoever’s responsibility it is to set up the workstation at least 1 week before their first day. Their work station, logins and training manuals should be ready the day before they start – latest.


Do You Want to Know More About Onboarding Programs?

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Lisa Karjala
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