A Hot & Spicy Campaign

For New Roads National Leasing

The Objective


The objective of the project was to open new accounts with prospects in the landscaping industry by leasing or selling landscaping equipment and vehicles as a direct result of this promotion.


Project Background


Because the company sells all makes of vehicles and equipment we came up with “variety is the spice of life” – a hot and spicy theme. This message was carried through each of the three letters and gifts.


Our client targeted twelve prospective landscaping companies from the Ontario Landscaping Association.


Strategy & Execution


We created a three-tier program with each gift supporting the “hot and spicy” theme. The distribution strategy was a progressive piece that would introduce the client, pique the interest of the reader and create a warm lead for the dealer. We used a local courier so that the gifts would be hand delivered just as they were rather than packaged in bubble wrap then in a box.




Out of the twelve prospects contacted, 11 took the client’s follow up call and requested more information and quotes. The client confirmed 4 face-to-face meetings and sold or leased 5 vehicles representing approximately $1.2 million in sales within 12 months. The client established a relationship with a company that will generate approximately $480,000 in additional sales every year going forward.



Get New Clients
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