Blueberry Campaign

A Client Engagement Campaign

The Objective


To introduce our pre-launched website to our top 20 clients in a unique way and encourage feedback to ensure our final website layout was user-friendly.


Project Background


We targeted 20 of our top clients in this promotion.


We decided to tie in the blue of the website in to a blueberry theme and carry the colour through the promotion.


Strategy & Execution


A program was created with three touch points to generate interest first, then to provide instructions on next steps. We used creative wording such as “you were hand picked” to tie everything together.


A local courier was used to ensure packages could be hand delivered to not only keep the packaging safe and fresh, but to also ensure it had the most impact possible.


We wanted to measure how many recipients would actually visit the site so we requested the recipients provide feedback online. An incentive was offered for clients who submitted their comments.




We were pleased with the overall results and had a 70% response rate from the direct mail piece. Some clients took quite a bit of time to provide us with amazing, detailed feedback. We were then able to use to adjust our site accordingly and make it more user-friendly.

Build Engagement, Self-Promotion
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