Executive Door Opener – Marina Insurance

For HUB International

The Objective


The goal was to introduce the insurance company to selected Ontario marinas and build a relationship with marina owners so that they in return would refer our client’s insurance to boat owners. 27 marina owners were selected as prospects for this campaign.


Strategy & Execution


This program was done as a progressive mail piece with industry-appropriate gifts. The gifts were chosen because they would serve as useful items at any marina and were appropriate for the audience. We handled the entire process from start to finish – sourcing gifts, fulfillment, shipping and tracking. The packages were sent out by a local courier during a two week span.


We created a promotion schedule and tips sheet to help clients understand how to get the most out of this promotion.  We detailed what to keep track over and during which period of time so that they could measure the return on their investment.




Our client was very pleased with the promotion as it opened doors at a number of marinas.  The response was warm with each marina owner contacted and the client was even able to do some quotes right away as a direct result of this campaign.  The marina owners understood the concept of the promotion and that the objective was to build a relationship with them so that they could pass on referrals as the need arose with their boat owners.



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