Executive Door Opener – TORLYS retail flooring

For TORLYS Smart Floors

The Objective


The purpose of this campaign was to introduce TORLYS’ flooring products to new retail accounts. They wanted to secure an appointment at their location and ultimately secure a tour on location at TORLYS head office. The goal was also to create a strong brand presence of TORLYS at the selected retail environments and to be at the forefront of the prospects’ minds. In order to achieve this, it was decided that the target audience would be the Project Managers or Director of Planning and Development at each target client.


Strategy & Execution


We sent out a 3-tier progressive promotion piece to 6 retail locations within Ontario using a local courier over a two week span. Each piece was chosen specifically to communicate the benefits of TORLYS. We also opted for useful gifts to encourage participation. Because the client stressed an importance on their “green” initiatives, we incorporated that in to the gifts where possible including the recycled packaging.


Prior to the launch, we anonymously contacted the recipients to ensure they would be available to receive the promotion in order.  We created a promotion schedule and tips sheet to help clients understand how to get the most out of this promotion.  We detailed what to keep track of so that they could measure the return on their investment.





TORLYS had a 33% success rate with this program. They were able to get a connection with one retailer immediately and has since also sent out information to a second retailer and has started building a relationship with their decision maker.



Get New Clients
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