Passport Campaign

A Self-Promotion Campaign

The Objective


To notify our VIP clients that we are a resource for conference items and ask for referrals to associates who may have similar planning needs.


Project Background


We wanted to capture the attention of our existing clients during a time of year when people are over winter and ready for spring!


Strategy & Execution


We sent this package out to approximately 80 VIP clients and 10 new referrals or prospective clients.


Our package included a heading “I gotta get away” travel theme to tie in to our brochure on conference items.


Most of the packages were hand delivered to clients as a means to stay top of mind during the month of March. Our local courier distributed the packages to clients outside of our general vicinity.




The response to the passport promotion was very positive. People appreciated the tasteful logo produced on the passport holder and we have had many people respond to say that they are using the holder now. Our referrals increased during the time of the promotion to 19 for the month of March.

case study, promotional gifts, promotional marketing, self-promotion