The Difference Maker Campaign

For Nevada Learning Series

The Objective


To penetrate Fortune 500 companies that had been otherwise unreachable by traditional means of advertising.


Project Background


This software training company needed a non-traditional angle to secure meetings with hard to reach prospects.


Six Fortune 500 companies were targeted, our prospect was specifically contacts in upper management.


Strategy & Execution


We approached them with our niche marketing plan that would focus their efforts to large companies that they had otherwise been unable to connect with. A series of letters, customized to each prospect, and a promotional gift related directly to the message in the letters was sent as a three piece promotion to introduce the company and open doors to future discussions.


We created a promotion schedule and tips sheet to help clients understand how to get the most out of this promotion. We detailed what to keep track of so that they could measure the return on their investment.




Nevada Learning was able to connect with two of the six prospects immediately – one of which stone-walled them for years prior to the promotion.

Get New Clients
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