6 Trends in Outdoor Swag

As the weather gets warmer and many of us are still in various stages of lockdown, we are looking for new hobbies and ways we can get outside locally. We have seen an increased trend in people spending more time outdoors in various capacities wherever they can to avoid cabin fever! Whether it’s being physically active outside, or relaxing taking in the sights, we have the just the thing that will help support these activities!

1. Outdoor Loungin’:

We’ve been cooped up inside all winter and, although we still can’t really travel anywhere, lounging outside in the backyard or on a balcony can provide some well needed R&R. Whether you look at providing customized camper chairs or hammocks, these items will help to encourage your team or clients to relax in the great outdoors!

2. Picnics:

Day trips are what’s up! A quick walk to the local park or a drive to a new spot, day trips with picnics are in! Provide your team or clients with things they will be able to use on their excursions like wine chillers, picnic baskets or sets and insulated tumblers to keep their beverages hot or cold! Not ready to travel far? Don’t forget a fun picnic in your own backyard does wonders too!

3. Hikes:

With limitation still on travel, people are looking for new ways to experience adventure and explore. Provide an item that will encourage recipients to take their hikes to the next level – perhaps a dry bag to ensure nothing gets wet, a quality hiking backpack, or even a water bottle to promote hydration on their treks!

4. Campfire:

Campfires are such a classic summer activity! Why not use the happiness brought on by summer campfires with branded items that compliment it! We have wonderful enamel camper mugs that won’t break if dropped on the ground, s’mores kits, and warm blankets for those chilly nights.  

5. Gardening:

Let’s grow! With people expanding into new hobbies, gardening can be a great option to get people outside and back to their roots! Send out seeds or an herb kit, which not only promotes gardening, but also supports a cooking hobby.

6. BBQ:

What is better than a BBQ in the summer, am I right!? BBQ items are always a win to send out this time of year and are sure to get lots of use during the summer months. For more info on BBQ items, check out our Blog “Best of BBQ” here!

Hop on board the outdoor express and incorporate your next gifting campaign with the trend of spending time outdoors.

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Lisa Karjala
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