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That’s right, step right up folks! Are you looking to do something super fun this summer that’s unique, trendy, customizable and fun as ever? How about custom shoes! That’s right, we do full custom shoes, a great item for staff retreats, new hire gifts, staff BBQs or summer fun days with your team or clients! Shoes can be a super fun way for you to showcase your brand and creativity.

Want to encourage a healthy lifestyle for your team? Hook them up with these awesome running shoes as a perfect way to encourage team members to get out for a walk or run, whatever activities they like to move their bodies. Or perhaps you are doing a fundraiser run, or team charity walk, and want to have a little extra something special for participants who raise over a certain amount. This could be a super fun incentive! These are also a great option to provide to nursing staff, or other healthcare workers who are on their feet all day as a token of appreciation they can use and wear every day. The best part? The minimum order is only ONE unit! So perhaps if there is one person or small group of people you want to sport custom kicks, these are a great option for your project

Now, I hate to be talking about boots in June when it’s such a gorgeous, NON-boot time of year but I had to share these awesome boots as a great option as well, especially for Canadian folks with events and promotions in the chillier months of the year! These fur lined boots are perfect to keep your toes warm and keep your clients and staff stylish. This winter style boot has 4 customizable panels that are printed so you can get super creative with your design, even doing fun patterns like buffalo plaid for an extra cozy Canadian feel. And the sole is made with high-quality thermoplastic rubber; so, it is lighter in weight and has more elasticity, bearing the wear and tear of brutal weather more elegantly and are easy to break in. These are certainly a unique gift that recipients will be sure to remember for years to come!


Now, back to the summer months, let’s talk slides! Slides have been super trendy for the last couple of years and can be a great item to incorporate into your summer gifts and promotions. There are great economical options in stock colours with just a one colour imprint on the strap like these ones, perfect for inexpensive summer giveaways. And then we also have more customizable options with a full colour bandso you can get more of a fully custom look and feel, incorporating a fun event-specific theme, pattern, or even company core values with fun graphics. Snapchat sent over 1500 slides globally as employee gifts last year! Slip into comfort and stylish this summer with your own pair of customized slides!


These shoes are SO fun and would be great for any sales or events team out in public at shows or events. These are fully customizable so you can match to your corporate colours or go totally creative and crazy with fun designs. The rubber outsoles allow for fast breaking in, unmatched wear resistance and an extended contraction stability. And these are great for all seasons, use inside in the winter and good for spring, summer and fall months. Heineken utilized these as high-end gifts as well as incentives for their sales team. These are a super fun way to highlight your fun side and comes in both the low-top and high-top styles!

Flip Flops

And of course, there’s the classic summer footwear – the flip flop, or thong as they say down under! These are also a great option for summer beach events, tradeshows in the summer, perfect to add a little extra comfort on those hot hot summer days. From stock colour options with a one colour print on the strap, to full colour custom soles, there are lots of options to fit your budget and creativity. We’ve even got these great flip flop options that have custom cut out’s in the base of the shoe so that the flip flops leave your brand impression on the sand as you are walking along the beach – now that’s a memorable promo!

For something a little more unique for your next incentive or promotion, think about doing shoes! A fun and creative way to show your branding that people can use for years to come. At Sigma, we really do have you covered head to toe, so reach out to us today and we can help you elevate your brand with some truly unique and effective products!

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Lisa Evenden
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