Pun, Pun Pun, for Everyone! – Using Puns Effectively in Your Promotional Marketing

I know, puns can be cheesy, but who doesn’t love a good bit of cheese here and there! Thought I would share some ideas and thought behind adding puns into your next promotional marketing campaign, event giveaways, or even client & staff gifts. You can use puns and play-on-words to help take your branded swag to the next level and leave an even longer lasting impact on recipients.

Whether you’re a nonprofit, service provider, retailer, B2B, or professional service, we can use puns to tie promotional products into your offering so that the product ties in to your actual services or products you provide, so when they use the item, they are reminded of what you have to offer!

  • Law Firm Pens “Writing wills since 1973”
  • Counselling Programs Phone Stands: “Support for your phone and support for you”
  • HVAC Hot/Cold Pack: “For all your heating and cooling needs”
  • Marketing Mints: “Freshest ideas in the biz”

Shift the focus from what you do to how you can help your clients by shining a spotlight on them with a pun focus on them. This can be great to highlight a potential pain point your clients are facing that you can help them solve, or to thank them for something they’ve done for your organization. 

  • Ice Trays “Feeling iced out? We can help!”
  • Blankets “Thanks for having us covered
  • Gum: “We couldn’t chews a better client than you”

And of course, use a pun in combination with your promo piece that calls receipts to some kind of action to take. Whether it’s purchasing your product, or booking a meeting or call, puns can be a fun and witty way to mobilize prospects to take action. Here are some examples!

Puns for fun!

We live in such a serious time, and sometimes it’s nice to express bit of lightness and fun in your marketing messages. Puns are a great tool that we can use to help elevate your products for increased impact. Adding in a sense of fun and wit can help generate a strong connection – after all, laughter is the best medicine!

Let us help you come up with the perfect product and pun to make your next project a success by reaching out today!

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Lisa Evenden
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