Attending a live tradeshow this quarter? Find out how to stand out so that you don’t get lost in a SEA of vendors vying for your prospect’s attention!

Most companies exhibit at tradeshows to reconnect with distant clients as well as a significant initiative to fill their pipelines. With the pandemic, we’re hearing that several clients are anxious to make the most of their tradeshow investments this upcoming quarter.

When you think of promotional swag, we want to encourage you to think in a strategic way that will drive home results.

Branded tradeshow tools can become a powerful way to connect if they are used in the right way.

S- Satisfy

We’ve all been to shows where we see the freebie seekers shamelessly walk with their tote bags or even suitcases to gather goodies to take home. They are always at shows, so we need to plan to satisfy their need for something free and encourage them to move on.  In this case, we recommend having a very small ticket item like a postcard, gum pack or sticky note with relevant company information that will provide you with a tool to hand over something so that you can quickly release yourself from any unproductive conversation and move on to serious prospects.

E – Engage

One of the primary objectives at any show is to engage with serious prospects. You’ll be able to identify these people because unlike the freebie seekers, they are looking to find out more information. They bypass the table of inexpensive promo and wait to speak with you if you’re speaking with someone else. You may also find them slowing down to take in your information, watch a demo, or read relevant signage at your booth. They approach your booth with curiosity. These are awesome people to engage with. We recommend having a mid-value item which is branded to give to these folks so that they remember you. Maximize the investment in this piece by tying in a clever tagline to the item you’re giving with your benefit statement. We can help you with this!

A – Appreciate

Smart exhibitors have another level of promotional material on hand, and it’s typically hidden under the tradeshow table. They have gifts of appreciation for those existing clients who stop by the booth to say hello. Existing clients should be treated with special care. Too often we fall into the trap of being excited by new prospects and forget to appreciate our existing clients who can not only spread the word but buy from us again and again. We need to be mindful of the lifetime value of existing clients and give gifts of appreciation so they don’t feel that we’re indifferent to their continued support.

Curious about maximizing your tradeshow efforts to drive up your ROI? Reach out to admin@SigmaPromotions.com we’re here to help accelerate your growth!

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