The 4 Benefits of Using Socks as Promotional Incentives

I’m a BIG fan of socks as a promotional product, incentive, or gift. There are so many cool and creative ways to use socks, and literally everyone wears socks!! Well… hopefully everyone! Here are a few ways you can use socks and why I love them so much and am continually recommending them to my clients.

Your mind is the limit with custom socks! Incorporate your brand colours into a funky or classy design, or even have your logo step and repeat all through the sock! Custom knit dress socks are my personal favourite, because to me they have the best fit and feel to them and I can wear pretty much any time! However, if you want to incorporate gradients into your design, we can do that with custom sublimated socks too, capturing all the smaller details we may not be able to do in custom knit options. What’s more, we can also incorporate custom packaging, whether it’s a custom hang tag, band, or box, adding even more value and branding space for your project. Not sure what sock is best, or how to come up with a design? That’s what we are here for! We can work on some super fun and creative mock ups that incorporate the colours, logo and branding you want to include.

While some sock options are available in different sizes, most of the custom socks we offer are one size fits most (they’re stretchy)! I love this because you don’t have to worry about ordering the right amount of sizes for recipients, which works perfectly as they’re being used as a giveaway, and you won’t know sizes anyhow! No more getting stuck with XS or XL sizes! This means you have a great opportunity to give out a beautiful custom apparel piece without the headaches that come with sizing.

Different Styles

So, like I mentioned, my personal faves are the custom knit dress socks, but even in dress socks we have different options from ankle to crew to knee high lengths, and economy vs premium fabric materials. And in addition to the classic dress socks, we also have other fun styles like fuzzy socks, cabin wool socks (love these for winter event gifts), athletic socks, and performance sock styles (perfect for walk/run/cycle fundraising events). With all of these styles, we are sure to find the right one for your next event!

Multitude of Applications

Socks can be used for so many different projects and initiatives! Onboarding Gifts, client thank you gifts, referral gifts, humble pie strategies, tradeshow giveaways, event drops – you name a project and I can find a way to make socks a part of it! Custom dress socks typically have a minimum order of 100-250 units, so if you don’t need that full order quantities for one event or project, you can use the socks for multiple initiatives. A few of my favourite puns to go with socks are “We’re ready to knock your socks off” (this could be a great follow up strategy after meeting a new prospect, or part of new hire welcome package). Or pair with a toque or cap and say, “We’ve got you covered, head to toe!” (great to promote a safety initiative, or to communicate the breadth of your services or offerings).

Want to knock the socks off your clients and team? Reach out to us today for some creative mock ups that bring your brand to life and help to support your next project becoming a success.

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Lisa Evenden
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