The Benefits of Successful Recognition Programs

A successful recognition program can go a long way in creating a positive, lasting impact on the people that help make your organization what it is. Recognition is a key component in human experiences and can be especially valuable at work, recognizing and appreciation your team for what they do. I want to share some of the amazing opportunities, benefits, and tips for recognition programs, as this is something we love helping our clients with!

Recognition opportunities:

  • Core Values Awards
  • Years of Service Awards
  • Sales Awards
  • Thank You gifts
  • Training Recognition
  • Safety Awards and Incentives
  • Client Appreciation gifts

Why you would have a recognition program?

  • Recognition and rewards motivate employees
  • Recognition at the right time ultimately improves performance in any organization.
  • One Gallup poll found that 82% of employees say that recognition or praise they receive at work motivates them to improve their performance!
  • Employees who feel valued and trusted are not only more productive, but they’re also more likely to stay in an organization where they feel seen and appreciated.
  • Create a positive work environment that also motivates high performance
  • They can reinforce desired behaviours and results
  • Create a culture of recognition and increase team morale – positivity and recognition can be contagious!
  • They support organizational missions and values (Ask us about our own Core Values awards program!)


  • Reinforces best behaviours and practices
  • A way to quantify and track exemplary behaviours and best practices in activity reports
  • Increased team engagement which increases profitability
  • You’ll see increased employee retention and less turnover!
  • Customer satisfaction, loyalty and profitability are tied to recognition


  • Use both formal and informal recognition to build a “culture of recognition”
  • Provide a wide variety of recognition rewards to appeal to individual preferences
  • Emphasize recognition of increased quality in performance instead of simply quantity of efforts
  • Link reward activities to specific business objectives and/or cultural values
  • Measure the cost of the recognition reward system and the benefits gained
  • Recognize the employee on, or as close to the occasion as possible
  • Pre-announce the event to create an atmosphere of celebration
  • Include specific accomplishments & personal info
  • Engage others to participate in the presentation
  • Recognize workers regularly: sporadic recognition may be worse than no recognition

Let us help you build our your very own customized recognition program. Whether it’s a small team program, or a large inter-organization program, we can handle everything from program conception to final delivery! We will make the process easy and pain free! For more information, reach out to us today!

Source: Canadian Spirit, 2023,

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