7 Tips for a Successful Zoom Call!

With an increase in online virtual meetings and events, I am sure almost all of us have experienced a Zoom call that was slightly awkward or inefficient. At Sigma, we started daily check-ins via Zoom right away to keep connected. Over this time, we have developed some Zoom call etiquette that have been really helpful to keep things on topic and organized!

In this post we’re listing the 7 most useful tips to follow for a successful Zoom Call.

#1 - Show up ready and on time!

Like an in-person meeting, it is important that you show up ready to go by the scheduled zoom call time. That means being appropriately dressed, having any notes or research prepared and ready to go in front of you, and showing up as your best self.

#2 - Prepare your team with an agenda and format!

Have an agenda and a standard format that everyone on the call knows ahead of time. Designate one person to lead the meeting who will let the other group members know when it’s their turn to speak. This allows the team members to prepare adequately and the meeting to flow smoothly. The meeting leader can also be responsible for taking any notes or can assign someone to take notes. These notes can be sent to the group after the meeting is over.

#3 - If it is not your turn to speak, keep yourself on mute.

This is helpful to filter out any background noises or sounds that might be distracting to the speaker and other attendees. Just remember, if you have something to add, take yourself off mute. TIP: You can temporarily take yourself off mute by holding down the space bar.

#4 - Set yourself up in a space that has limited distractions.

Working from home comes with distractions not found in an office setting such as roommates, kids, pets and/or partners. Try to keep one space designated for work, and communicate to those in your household when you are going on a Zoom call to limit interruptions and distractions. That said, it is important to be accommodating and understanding to your team members who have distractions at home, and remember that we are all trying as best we can. Limiting distractions also means having a clean, organized workspace.

#5 - When you’re on a Zoom call, make that your priority.

Don’t be checking email, or surfing the web while you are on a call. You wouldn’t do those things if you were in an in-person meeting. The person speaking deserves your attention.

#6 - Take notes in a notebook.

It’s great to be taking down notes, but try to do so with a pen and paper. If you take notes on your computer it can look like you are distracted by something else – or just let your team know that you are taking notes on the computer so they know you are not distracted. Also, if you are typing notes, the keyboard can be very loud, so make sure you are on mute.

#7 - Have fun!

Don’t be afraid to smile, and be yourself 😊

We hope these tips were helpful! If you have any Zoom call tips, let us know in the comments below.

Author of this post:
Lisa Karjala
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