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A team of driven, open and growth-oriented humans who love each other and their clients!


Creating laughter, ideas, positivity and excelling in personal development is in the veins of a Sigma Squad member. Want to see coffee consumed at an alarming rate, water frequently spat due to jokes, and the construction of award-winning marketing campaigns? Yeah, you may want to stop by!


If you can’t drop on by, let’s have a chat – set up a time with one of the Sigma squad!

Meet the Power Team


Nikki Pett

Talent Ninja
Founder of Sigma,
Certified High Performance Coach™, 
Runner and Veganish!

Fun Fact

Can do a mean impression of Macho Man Randy Savage!
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Kristen Sheppard

Eagle Eye
The detail dynamo & proud mom that keeps Sigma running.

Fun Fact

I have an unusual dislike for odd numbers (don’t ask me why!)
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Jessica Loyola

Peace & Promo Enthusiast
Lover of life, animals and all things kind. Old soul & compassionate human. Veggie addict and fan of happy people!

Fun Fact

I would rather be barefoot than ever have to wear shoes.
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Amanda Calmus

Team & Community Queen
Community outreach commander on a mission to change the world with one act of kindness at a time.

Lisa Karjala

Service & Sales Superstar
Here to create strategic product solutions in a single bound!

Fun Fact

Culinary wizard, and pet lover extraordinaire​!
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Shannon Delaney

Client Success Engineer
*Not technically an Engineer* But I do have a passion for building a bridge between creativity and strategy.

Fun Fact

I was almost a nurse!
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Jaclyn Petejan

Accounting Acrobat
A shoeaholic with a taste for not only baking but crunching numbers!

Fun Fact

I run an inspirational lifestyle blog called Life as a Sunflower
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Lindsay Andrews

Director of First Impressions
On a mission to unveil all of the beautiful aspects in life. Secret chef, with a hunger for adventure & knowledge.

Fun Fact

I’m learning a new language this year!
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Andrea Szabo-Kirchmayer

Design Maestro
Avid Font Collector, Colour Lover, Nonstop Doodler & Crafter - on a journey to inspire others through design.

Fun Fact

I created and still make my own comic characters and comics.
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Jazmyn Alexandre-Cuyugan

Production Powerhouse
Animal lover, science nerd, and music enthusiast. Eager to impact the lives of others through kindness and hard work.

Fun Fact

I love to sing and once performed at a local Ribfest
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Beauty Pett

Wellness Wooficer
Avid traveller, happiness hound, and treat distributor.

Fun Fact

I came all the way from Tanzania.

Chloe Pett

HR & Security
German Shepperd, Garbage Police, Greetings Guru, and Disposal Wizard.

Fun Fact

I walk like an old lady in clogs.

Want to join the A-team?

Okay, we don’t go on adventures as crazy as the A-Team’s but we are always looking for creative thinkers looking to smash through new challenges! Send us your “what makes me awesome” letter, resume, and anything else you’d like us to see. Sigma Promotions welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.

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