Promotional Product Tech Trends for 2023

We love a good tech piece here at Sigma, and so I thought that we would share some of the new and top selling tech pieces we’ve seen! Tech is a great category that sometimes clients can shy away due to the perceived complexity or worry that it won’t work for their people; fear not – we are here to help find the right product for you and leave a great lasting brand impression.

Tech Accessories

FoldStand is a pocket-sized, universal phone stand. Your phone rests against it at a comfortable angle, perfect for watching videos or surfing the web. These fold flat, with a low profile, making is a great tech-themed mailer!

Spot Finder:
Don’t get lost amongst the competition with the Spot Two-Way Bluetooth finder! Spot is a small finder that uses Bluetooth® wireless technology, paired with an app on your phone, to help locate and remember important personal items. 

Daybreak Clock:
I love this super trendy and new item combining both tech and wellness! This multi-function clock display with date, day of week, alarm, temperature and sunrise simulation, along with multiple colour modes to choose from. 

Power Banks

Classic Power Bank Charger: 
This item is going to give you great bang for your buck! It has a 2,200 mAh capacity, perfect for those emergencies when you need just a bit more power to get through the day! This aluminum power bank includes a laser engraving of your logo for classy branding.

ByTech® Universal Dual Power Bank: 
This is the creme de la crème of power banks! It has a 10,000 mAh capacity, which is sure to reboost your phone or other devices in a pinch! It has dual standard USB outputs and built-in over-charge protection. Imprint your logo in full colour for added impact!

O Ring Wireless Power Bank:
I love this item because it combines mobility benefits of a power bank and cord-free wireless charging! It has a 5,000 mAh capacity, convenient O-ring carabiner and has a USB cable option for wired charging. We did these at Sigma a couple of years back and it’s been an amazing product to have on hand – I keep it charged up in the center console of my car, so I know if have low battery, I’ve got a backup solution!

Wireless Chargers

Charging Pad:
This wireless charging pad features foreign object detection and high temperature protection for added security. It has a 5V-1A output voltage and non-slip based. For an added oomph, decorate this piece with your logo in full colour!

Charger Pad and Phone Stand: 
This is a great multiuse product for tech lovers everywhere! The thin, lightweight 10W wireless charger pad comes with a with detachable stand/holder to rest your phone while it’s charging.

Desktop Lamp Charger:
This is a great desktop tech piece, combining 15W wireless charger with a soft, durable gooseneck 20 LED desk lamp that is adjustable. 3 light modes to fit your environment: warm & cool light, cool light and warm light. The 360-degree adjustable lamp arm is compact for easy packing and traveling.


Keychain Speaker: 
I love this option for a budget speaker, perfect to add to your beach bag, golf cart or backpack to keep the beats flowing! It has a 3W speaker output, approximately 30 foot range and 300mAh lithium polymer battery.

Luna Speaker: 
Luna is a wireless Bluetooth® speaker with full colour grill imprinting which makes this the perfect canvas for your creativity! It is water-resistant and features a passive radiator for bass boost with a 5W driver for rich & powerful playback. Top that off with a built-in microphone for handsfree calls and 6+ hour playtime, Luna is the perfect small speaker guaranteed to make your brand the life of the party!

Breakaway Wireless Speaker:
Use together for a powerful speaker together, or split into two for a surround sound experience! This speaker has stereo quality sound with 5 watts per end and, when split into two, has a 30 ft range. It comes with a silicone carrying sleeve to make transport easy.


Lunatune™ Wireless Headphones:
Okay, so I have these headphones and absolutely LOVE them because they are very
comfortable and the sound quality is really quite exceptional. It features a 33
foot wireless range, 8 hours of audio playtime and are 70% noise cancelling.
They comes with individual retail packaging and full colour branding on both

Bluetooth® Earbuds with Charger Case:
These headphones are a great option to give out as a terendy tech item, looking very similar to AirPods! They are housed in a 350 mAh recharger case and can play music or make hands-free calls for up to 4 hours of play/talk time.

I hope that this has given you a great snap shot into some of the awesome tech items we have available! If you want to see some fun new tech ideas customized for you, reach out to us today!

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Lisa Evenden
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