The Best Backpacks

With back-to-school lurking just around the corner, I wanted to take some time and explore some awesome and effective backpacks that you can use to increase your brand exposure.  Now, backpacks don’t have to be used just in the school setting, though of course that is a great space for them. Backpacks are so versatile, whether they’re used for books, food and drink for a picnic, as a gym bag, or clothes for an overnight stay, backpacks are a win. With high perceived value and a high utility factor, these are a great option for your next giveaway or gift!

The first category of backpacks we’ll discuss are the drawstring, or cinch style of backpacks. These bags are an awesome choice for someone looking for a giveaway on a larger scale and a tighter budget. Commonly used as youth gym bags, or for camper day trips, cinch bags come in a variety of difference styles and colours, and offer many different branding opportunities, though a simple one-colour print is the most common for these styles.

The mid-range backpacks, as I like to call them, are a really great category for someone looking to spend a little more in their gift, but don’t want to break the bank. We have a few different options in and around the $15-$30 range for backpacks that are still a really great quality and fashion forward styles. With these backpacks, we often can do many decoration methods, though a one colour or full colour transfer are most common. Whether you like simple or trendy designs like striped interiors, or heathered patterns, we have the right bag for you!

The Ashbury Collection is the next category I want to mention – I LOVE this line of bags! This line has a range of different price points and styles, and they even have a few eco options made from recycled water bottles. Designed in Montreal, these bags pick up on the latest retail trends, and bring forward high quality and design elements that will wow your recipients. But my favourite part? Tons of decoration techniques! The Ashbury collection offers Brand Patches, a vinyl patch available in various colours and shapes that your logo is debossed or imprinted onto, and then the patch is sewn onto the bag. This decoration technique is so classy and adds a ton of value to the bag. And, hey, even if you don’t want the brand patch method, their gorgeous bags are still available with more traditional decoration techniques like screen printing, or full colour transfers.

Now, I know I touched briefly on eco with the Ashbury bags, but outside of that, there are now so many options for eco-friendly backpacks, in a variety of price points! I love this, because we are really finding many of our clients are looking for sustainable and eco-conscious items to be a part of their promotions.

Whether they are made from recycled materials like water bottles or cotton from old t-shirts, or are made from ethically and sustainably sourced materials, eco-conscious backpacks are a great option to consider to boost the theme of your next giveaway!

Whether you are on a tight budget for a giveaway, or want to really wow your team or clients with a high value gift, backpacks are a great product category to consider. Their versatility, and high perceived value make them an item recipients will be proud to hang on to and use, creating lasting brand impressions for your organization. If you’re looking for ideas for your next promotion and think that backpacks could be a good fit, we are here and happy to help curate the right products for you!

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