The Power of Hope During Uncertain Times

Leaders often say “attitude is everything”. Our perception of situations and our reaction can lead to incredible growth and more happiness.

Sigma’s Peace and Promo Enthusiast, Jessica Loyola shares her own heartfelt story about finding positivity, hope and appreciating the small things, even when a global pandemic tries to push you the opposite way.

No one saw this coming

Let’s go ahead and turn the calendar back a few months… back to Dec 31st 2019….Who would have thought that while everyone was kissing 2019 goodbye and happily ringing in 2020 with so much anticipation that this was going to be “a great year!” would have ever imaged we’d be going through this.

Now, imagine on New Year’s Eve someone told you that in just a few months we would be put in “lock down” for at least two months going into the summer (maybe more?) with guidelines in place where you wouldn’t be allowed to visit friends and family, go to work, or visit your favourite places without getting slapped with an $800+ ticket. Imagine being told you wouldn’t be allowed to hug, shake hands or walk the wrong way down a grocery aisle. If someone told me any of that, I would flat-out think they were nuts.

My Big Year and how it has changed

Going into 2020, I knew it was going to be MY YEAR! June 3rd I would be turning the big 4-0 so I booked a trip to San Diego to celebrate with friends and family. I planned and purchased tickets to more concerts this year than any other and was excited for extra-long weekends away at the cottage. Dinner parties, mini weekend trips to visit friends, I could go on…SO much was jotted down in the calendar only to eventually white it all out, week by week as the COVID pandemic began…and continued.

2 ways to face disappointment

However, the way I see it, we have two ways of dealing with this situation. I could have spiraled into a dark place of deep disappointment (and not to say I haven’t had moments of “damn this sucks!”). Instead, I chose to move, pick myself up, smile, stay positive and most of all remain HOPEFUL. Hopeful for what’s to come and encouraged by focusing on how we are all in this together. The world has changed including all the environmental GOOD that’s come from the human race stepping back and slowing down. I choose to remain hopeful for the impact that being forced to socially distance ourselves will make once we are allowed to embrace our friends and family again. I choose to be hopeful that we will no longer take the small things for granted because as someone once said “Enjoy the little things in life, because one day we will look back and realize they were the big things.”


Enjoy the little things in life, because one day we will look back and realize they were the big things.

What attitude are you going to choose?

So, you have choices to make. You are ultimately in control of how you set your mind and how you start and finish each day. When we are all given that green light to resume life the way it once was (or close to it), our experiences will be magnified by gratitude. That alone is enough to ditch the disappointment and be hopeful for all that’s ahead. ♡

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