The Value in Resource Libraries

Now more than ever it’s imperative to show your value and dedication to your client’s success.  We’ve all been thrown for a curveball in 2020 and we’re all looking for resources to accelerate our way back to a successful year.

One of the ways in which you can provide tremendous value to your clients is to create a resource library.  This can either be helpful articles on your website, such as our blog posts or it can be a “members only” area where key clients can access valuable tips, tools and strategies to help them grow their business.

Blog Posts, Vlogs or Podcasts

Blogs, vlogs and podcasts are a terrific way to have short, content-rich tips on topics that are either directly or indirectly related to your line of work.

For example, our blogs include information specific to marketing and branding, however, we also cover topics such as productivity during COVID, personal development and culture. 

You probably have a team of exceptional human beings so be sure to include them in the process. We’ve learned so many hidden gems from our small but mighty team over the past few weeks. Everyone deserves a seat at the table, everyone has a voice, and this is a great way to engage employees to express themselves while stretching their courage muscle!


Everyone deserves a seat at the table, everyone has a voice, and this is a great way to engage employees to express themselves while stretching their courage muscle!


Whether these are live or pre-recorded (ahem if you have 2 wild and crazy dogs), webinars that are value-based as opposed to a sales pitch are critical right now. There’s absolutely a time and a place to ask for the business and that will come once you put deposits into the relationship bank. Now is the time to do just that!

Give away as much advice and content to your people now. They will remember you once things turnaround and when you are asking for the business, people will be more receptive. I believe it was Gary Vaynerchuk that says “JAB, JAB, HOOK” meaning GIVE, GIVE, then ASK! Your giving, especially now, should outweigh your asking.

The easiest way to start a webinar is to think of 5 to 10 bullet points that support your position on your opinion or area of expertise. From there, simply map out the points and stories to back up each point and share authentically and generously! People will value your sincerity over perfection, so just go for it!

Tools & Templates

What tools and templates does your team use on a regular basis? Could you modify and share them as a resource to make your client’s lives easier? If so, share away! Each and every one of us uses a tool or hack that we take for granted. It may seem simple to you, but may end up being a lifesaver for a client – one that they would be genuinely grateful for.

We recently gave away several weeks worth of podcast learning tools where we shared videos and podcasts that we listened to as a team. In addition to the links, we created open ended questions that leaders could take back to their team to boost engagement. People loved it!

What are you going to share?

Have you already built a resource library or are you planning to make one? Share in the comments the type of content you are planning to add to your library or ask us any questions about how to set up a library.

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