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‘Tis the seasons for tradeshows! I remember attending my very first tradeshow and how nervous I was.  Knees weak, palms were sweaty… but now I am a seasoned PRO! Well… seasoned anyway. There’s always new things to learn and new creative ways to stand out. I thought I would share a few tips to keep your booth looking on point this tradeshow season, and give you a few ideas for how you can elevate your booth and attract your ideal clients.

You don’t have to have all the latest and greatest backdrops and table covers, but it is important that the branding you have at your booth is consistent. If you have a new backdrop but old branding or mismatched branding on the table cloth, it can look inconsistent and cause confusion for people who are new to you and your brand. There is already a lot to take in at tradeshows, so having everything match with consistent messaging can help make it clear and easy for new prospects to see what you do.

Similar to the point above, you don’t want to have your booth look too cluttered and certainly not a dirty one! Refrain from eating in your booth to prevent stains on your table cloth, and make sure any garbage is cleaned and tidied up. That also goes for any swag you may be giving out at the show. You don’t have to put every single piece on your table in a cluttered jumble. Arrange items and print materials in a clean and tidy way on your table or displays so as not to overwhelm prospects walking by. A clean and organized booth is a happy booth!


Have something at your booth you can use as a tool to connect with attendees and to draw them in. Some form of game or interactive experience can be a great thing to incorporate into your booth to get them involved and connecting with you. And even better, tie in the game with your branded swag so you can engage and connect to create more meaningful connection that can open the floor for you to start having conversations with attendees. We’ve used a Plinko board at tradeshows and that has been a huge hit with attendees to drive engagement.


Of course, confidence can go a long way when you’re at a tradeshow, and that confidence can come from your booth. The swag, signage, print materials, and information you want to share with attendees all contribute for how confident you are at the show, and that confidence can translate into success! If you want to head into your next tradeshow with total confidence, let’s chat about how we can make sure your team feels 100% confident in their booths.

Looking for a few product suggestions to get yourself underway for a bangin’ booth? Check out some of my faves here:

Eurofit Backdrop – Super clean look with full colour graphics.  

Sublimated Table Cover – Customize completely to your brand!

Polos – Have your team looking sharp with these cotton/poly blend polos.

If you’re ready to boost your engagement and ROI at your next tradeshow or conference, reach out to us and we can help curate the perfect package for you and your next team to enjoy the great success to be had!

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Lisa Evenden
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